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December 05 2021

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Broken Bonds Network announces a balloon release to raise public awareness for parents ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


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Re: Re: Danny OMoore uninterested parent

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - Accused - Danny OMoore

what another load of BS, what relevance other than your beration has any of my family's relations with me to bare upon you or even me for that matter... hear say tripe, bunk, flotsam & jetsam. My choice of whom I relate to is totally up to me end. Re stalking at school... man where to start. Ok you kicked me out of your life & our children's lives, I lived by the beach, I found love again, I moved in with a lovely lady who actually saved me from suicide because of your exclusion of me.

She & her children loved me for a while but they feared YOU hilary, it was all too much for them in the end & that ended that. YOU stalked US coming over to our house bailing up Michelle's 8 year old son against our shed door, screaming abuse at Michelle through our front door screen, storming into day care because Michelle's little 6 year old daughter was attending, you got all angry & in front of that little girl you told the carer that 'she' Michelle's little girl was dangerous & you literally dragged our Maggie out of after school demanding of her that she not befriend Michelle's daughter all the while Maggie complained that she wanted to have Michelle's daughter as a friend it was YOU who stalked & tore at our lives NOT ME! You phoned our home after you searched out our number & abused little M's daughter (6 years old) telling her she was abusive & other things you said that I can not account as I heard little M's daughter in tears & she could not describe all of your tirade. Why was Michelle's daughter at after school care?

I read all the state provided pamphlets about family break up I could find & it said : Live near your children so they know you are there & that you want to be near them. Michelle accepted I wanted to live near our kids & we moved to your suburb, so 1 I could be nearby if our kids wanted to find me & 2 because we thought the school they attended was not as good as Craigmore primary & 3 because it is ADVISABLE! I went to the school to escort my step kids because they feared YOU hilary! It was on one of these occasions the principal approached me demanding to know why I was there, I told her, she did not accept what I said, I disagreed. I never once shouted, I did argue adamantly but shouting was NOT in the equation! She stated I was outside Maggie's school room, surprise to me as I had no idea of where Maggie was at ANY time! It simply was the case that I was there with Michelle & her older daughter to pick M's little girl up as she feared YOU & asked me to come & stand by. I did that & that alone.

I have NEVER had an address for you since you moved about 8/9 years ago, you moved under your own veil of secrecy keeping ALL out of the loop. Selling a lie that I was dangerous to all who'd listen. The children's grandmother Teresa was still sending presents until they were returned to sender addressee unknown. I only found out you had moved to Victor harbour when I bumped into an old family friend & even then I had no address to send to. I sent nothing prior for fear of how you would manipulate it. I know you that well hilary! However I did buy presents for the kids, I have given them to street kids in lue of my own kids & told those kids the presents were from my kids, that practice gave me some measure of happiness.

I still have some of those new toys stored in boxes awaiting them but I have decided to give them to the kids in my life who embrace me not kids who refuse my existence on YOUR say so! LOL "pretend" to be separated from my family OH MAN how delusional can you get... YOU kicked me out under threat! You stopped visitation YOU did it ALL hilary, I had no control over the situation. It was always your call always has been always was. I even had meetings with you & your mother asking how you wanted to move forward with all & everything go on deny it you wretch! I left a wide trail for our kids to find me on the internet, they only now have contacted me & then only to say no I do not want to live with you (Declan) Refuse to see me (Maggie) & not even talk to me (Jordan).

I begged for 12 years that they might contact me as YOU hilary have built the walls of a maniac between us. My only claim of abuse has been BY YOU hilary no other member of my family has ever abused me. I have had some mere arguments with family as most do & yes I have decided not to continue with arguments with my family preferring solace to sadness, that is my right to choose NOT yours to dictate or denigrate! I do NOT claim to be aboriginal, I'd be happy to be but I am not & never have claimed to be.

I have said my Grandmother whom I loved may have had some islander relations but that is it's end. Your madness at these what could easily be said to be hear say accounts as you offer no proof simply your vitriol LOL you're a JOKE hilary a BIG FAT JOKE of a female. I never once stalked you, specifically because 1 I don't do that & 2 I knew the stories you would concoct. You took these accusations of yours to a Magistrates court did you not & oh... were they thrown out of court :) why yes they were! & the police were very interested in the recordings I gave them.

I won the case pro se. No mean feet in today's man hate environs. I changed my name for 'stage' purposes; as a budding musician/singer it was merely a preference so that radio announcers might not call me 'Nines' as I had been called in school & hilary took my name because she liked it. hilary had NO input into my idea to change my name but to agree she liked it. She has no right to call herself an O'Moore other than her receipted payment at the registry office of births deaths & marriages of which we were not married & she merely copied my name to her birth certificate. Fathers advocate ... oh I thought I was simply an fathers/mens rights activist thanks for the upgrade.

I refused to go to court because I feared for my children & the blackmail brought upon me by hilary elaine combes/O'Moore. I also considered & still do that the family court is NO place for families, there is NO justice there, it is a hotbed of feminazi man hate & a real & present danger to children of whom the feminazi social workers might take a liking to our kids & foster them off sighting family breakdown & any reasons they'd like to use to take our children; because mum & dad are fighting is reason enough. re claims to be abused :)

I have the evidence hilary suck it up! Re my claims to benefits it's true I am on benefits a pensioner because I have been extremely suicidal because of my exclusion by hilary & co, as many men suicide everyday because of exclusion why would you think my case would be any different? I have had an accident & injured my back & neck leaving me in constant pain that immobilizes me, I have high blood pressure, arthritis in my knees & hips & obviously in association with my back & neck pain. I have anxiety & depression mainly due to you hilary & what you have put me through. Re other people's stories as fact... LOL oh baby I'll let you wait & twist you stinking cunt! I have the evidence & it will burn you when I am good & fucking ready! Re demand the kids change their names...

I never demand I simply request that, if they do not wish to embrace me as their father they could at least do the right thing & release me from the pain I am feeling & take the name of the grand matriarch whom brain washed them ending my sufferance in exclusion definitively. However if even through this they choose to keep my name they can merely claim it, what of it? I will not pursue them legally to change it it is up to them. In my heart I have lost trust in you all, I refuse to suffer your controlling influence ANY MORE!

Continue with your lies at your own peril, I advise you I will be making my case & you, when you put your name to your libellous remarks, I will have you for defamation. However you know this so I expect you will remain veiled though I know exactly whom you are the court will refute this without your name attached... but know this I have many friends, skilled friends & they know how to find evidence; computer evidence & your IP will be found & on that day I will see you charged :) have a nice one BIARTCH! It's easy to lie when you do not attach your NAME hilary elaine combes/O'Moore! Go on attach your name to your liable :).

As I said you go right ahead & bring it CUNT!

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Re: Danny OMoore uninterested parent

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014
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