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October 27 2021

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Please Help a Judge in Clay Co MO took a toddler from a loving home with her mother and brothers

Saturday, September 19, 2015 - AbusesToMothers - Jennifer Engles Matthiesen

Yay, ____ is home (for the night)? Then dad takes her to daycare while her mom is home missing her. Make sense? Of course not.

If she were upset with him for not putting her home w mom growing up. He would just blame me. Thats what people like him do. Everything they do is our fault not theirs. My sons obviously have their feelings about how empty and cold he is let alone their other feelings based on his actions but he will say I did it somehow. it wasnt his hurtful crazy cruel ways.. of no.. must be my fault. I must have turned them against him. Roflmao so rediculous. sad how clueless those types are. They hurt alot of people thinking they are right when they are wrong to the point of detriment to children. It is unforgivable what he is putting ____ through so selfishly

I was not allowed to keep my daughter with me today to see family coming into town. He made me take her to his girlfriend babysitter instead of being with her mom and brothers even though he was working. I get her tomorrow anyway so since he had to work through then I asked if I could keep her w me to see family and not be with babysitters. Oh noo, he will not allow it. He seems to think he can erase me from my daughters life. They have told my daughter she has two mommys have her calling this girlfriend mom. My daughter is upset and confused. Wants to make people happy but it is not right to push things on her. Her and I are so close it will be an impossible bond for them to break however much they try.she had never had this confusion until last month when he took her. She is an emotional mess. Its disheartening

My ex only cares about his current situation. My daughter is a factor for him. A tool of sorts to use for his gain. He never cared to see her until he felt he had to in order to save face to courts. But his narcissistic bipolar disorder made it simple for him to lie and as he was so rehearsed the judge was easily fooled. I have learned since then. Now I know what kind of monster I am up against. The kind that will let a child suffer missing her mommy and family just to control their happiness as he always did before. He feels better when he brings done others believes it makes him bigger and better. It always was sickening for us to go thrpugh. We had hoped we were done with his abuse.. It is the saddest thing we have seen to see my daughter since she has been with him. The bright happy light in her faded by the emotional torment and sadness of losing all she was so bonded to and loved. We were all happy and love filled our home. Now we are full of worry and the loss we all feel for eachother everyday is un measurable. I have no doubt no matter what happens he will have to answer to ____ one day for a child knows how loved she is despite his tactics to intervene. She knows what she is losing because of him and he will have to answer to her for that. Theres no excuse for alienating such a loving mother from her child. Im learning his girlfriend appears to have similarities to his personality. No good mother would take part in separation of a child from her mother especially when it is so easy to see how close we are. Im beside myself with worry everyday. My daughter needs me to be strong for her and no matter what I will

No he decided to do daycare 3 days a week and feels its more important for ____ to be with his new girlfriend and strangers, not her mother. Despite my offering to take her anytime he is at work.. We all know bad parents that are so selfish they refuse to do what is best for their kids. Its all about control and hurting the other instead of the child. Very sad.
They abuse the system and take full advantage of any right they have when courts expect them to be good parents. They are to sbsorbed in what they want instead of a poor child missing her mommy and brothers so much she cant hold back the tears so happy to finally see them because her father is alienating them so horribly. What happened is beyond detrimental and the quicker I can save her from the emotional and psychological damage that is occuring...the better chance I have to get her back to normal. Its a constant battle countering what they are doing to her. I will be the mother she needs and as I was told by other grown children of parents with my ex's disorder. ...i will never give up.

Please help us Get _____ back home safe. We Need Your Help Yes ! Lunch! Everyday!

He is refusing...in fact stated today that outside of my wednesdays and opposite weekends he can do what he wants and make the decisions. He feels he does not have to include me whatsoever at all. I asked to be notified of appts etc.. He told me a week after the fact ____ had immuninizations knowing the concern because of her past reaction. . Thats just one i know of i will know more after i speak to her doctor. I told him several times I will be available for ____ while he is at work... He says he can choose to have my daughter with some other woman or daycare instead of her mother because it is his time and his say so according to him.

Why in the world would a judge take a two year old girl away from her biological mother. What is this world coming too. I'm so sorry Jennifer!

Please help us Get ____ back home safe. We Need Your Help Hello, this is Jennifer's Sister, I am a CASA volunteer for Jackson county. Taking an infant from her home Ian's caregiver is never an option, unless there is a reason. Even there Guardian as litem recommended they keep ____ with her mother with visitation from Jarrett.

Please Help. 12-6-2013 a Judge in Clay Co. MO, took a toddler from a loving home with her mother and brothers.

December 17, 2013
____ has been so upset. She just sounds confused and hurt she's not sure what's happening and why she's not with her mom. She is been just screaming and crying for her, even when she's right there. Holding her in a grip.
I just keep telling my sister to hold her is closer she can let her feel the love so it will last in the time that their part.

One of the things that they told my sister was she wasn't willing to let other people have her daughter I found that very strange because even I testified that ____ spent time with us in our home. ____ was not even two years old when her father left.
Ironically in the seven months to my sister was sick I was more furious that he was doing nothing or at least helping with ____ more so my sister had time to heal.
He hasn't done anything that is right he only does what his lawyer says not too much not too little only, never keeping his daughter's best interest and heart in mind.
As a casa volunteer I am trained to look at the situation regardless of who is involved. This situation is so hard to look at. Now with another woman involved makes it hard to see she could fall for the situation like my sister did, but yet I feel safe knowing there someone besides him around that may know something about caring for a child.

I know not all situations are easy to see when first presented to a judge and I remind myself of that every day that when we have a chance to get this in front of another judge he will see what parts of the story have been changed what parts of the divorce have been lied about.
And the lawyer he was just paid to present all the lies. Hope they can go to sleep at night knowing an innocent little girl was going to be outside of her home and with the caretaker she knows and loves.

All of you reading this I hope you spread the word the faster we can help her the better if we can't do this quick all of us will spend the next 16 years trying to help ____ not be too affected by it the mistakes her father making. Taking away her chance for a good fun life in a home with her siblings.
At the end of every day I just remind myself what he told my sister,I will kill you first. And I remember when he left her on Mother's Day, actually being scared that she was angry or upset because I just didn't want him to come back. I didn't want him to show her how little he cared about my sister. and how much he cared about himself and his things . And I remember telling her just not to make him too upset.

December 19, 2013
So easy to loose faith in god at a time like this. But I keep telling my sister ____ is with all of her family she knows and loves this holiday because god is reminding us how to love and give our love. Her %#<_€|>^{ husband is taking my sister and school age sons from there home Christmas break, but he is reminding her that he ONLY cares about material things. She, has her daughter, sons and all of her family to help her through this. Soon she will be safe and free from him. And as much as I hate what is happening to her, I know she is better off free from that ass!!!

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Saturday, September 19, 2015
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