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CANADA has a constitution that reads Recognizing the Superiority of our Imaginary Friend and the Rule of our Lawyers

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - Pages - Jimi Townsend

If you make a straw man and tack him to a cross it might be easier to establish exactly who the court wants to do business with note i screwed the SIN to his chest before i crucified him on the T accounting cross

Rule of Law Is SLAVERY

In Canada, we are told we are a FREE people. We are taught that all of us are born FREE and EQUAL. We are also taught that two generations of our fellow countrymen spilled their blood and laid down their lives to keep both our country and us FREE.

In other words, Freedom is our birthright and since we are all free and equal, it follows that each of us is entitled to an equal share of all that our country has to offer.

Just so we all understand what it is we are talking about here, let me give you the ‘legal’ definition of free, from Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition.

FREE – not subject to the legal constraint <legislation> of another.

So how is it we have been disarmed and forced at gun point to follow three and a half million pieces of legislation drafted by shyster lawyers and yet believe we are free? Mind manipulated?

The fact is that our country Canada is under attack and has been for a very long time. We are victims of a global conspiracy to rule the world. While the ‘rule of law’ may sound like a tenable idea at first glance, one must remember that free men are self-ruling and self-governing. The ‘rule of law’ is the ‘rule of lawyers’ that are in the pockets of foreign bankers kiting cheques. We have been mis-educated and coerced into accepting it from the cradle to the grave.
The globe is under attack by Bankers. All banking is fraud. All a banker does is slap ink on paper and claim it has ‘value’ like currency, bonds, debentures, derivatives and other iou’s.

Anything written on a piece of paper or created electronically by a banker is an IOU. It is a liability. The banker uses the courts he has created and forces his victims to accept his IOU’s at face value for their valuable assets. A target population can not keep exchanging all of their valuable assets for a banker’s debt instruments and end up with anything other than debts. This is why our children are now ‘born into debt’. This is ‘debt peonage’ slavery and is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland has an asset base of 175 trillion dollars and is owed a global debt of 100 trillion dollars. Basel is also the home of the worlds largest pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The BIS creates central banks in the nations that it targets. The US and all commonwealth nations have one of these central banks that answer to the BIS. The central banks have chartered banks within the target nations that are used to fleece the beguiled populations under guise of law.

These global criminals use a Punch and Judy show to distract the victims while they rob them blind. This show is called global politics. The strategy they use is called the ‘Fabian Strategy’ of Force, Religion and Legislation.

First a target nation is smashed by force. Then the victims are indoctrinated into mind bending religious beliefs using the Bible, which is the most insidious weapon ever devised by man. Finally the mind mushed victims are subjected to the misbegotten rule of shyster lawyers.
Bankers use lower forms of life in order to carry out their evil agenda. These soul-less beasts are an army of priests, lawyers and public criminals. But always remember it is banker wizards of oz’s behind the smoke screen pulling the strings.

BAR Mitzvah means ‘son of the divine law’. This is part of a cult theology that believes they are ‘God’s chosen’ and that all other people on the earth are (as Menachim Begin put it) as excrement compared to the Jews. The Jewish Monarch of the Brit’ish Crown of Israel claims her God has given the nations and their people to the Jews as their ‘common wealth’. QE2 is a foreign criminal banker who claims to rule by divine right. She hires an army of our own deluded fellow countrymen to ‘maintain le droit’ or maintain her divine right to enslave us.

Confederation – a conspiracy to commit a crime.

In 1867 the Brit’ish BAR Association came to Canada and formed a corporation. Just to purposely confuse us, they called the corporation CANADA and then ‘assumed’ power as our government. Under the aegis of this phoney government corporation they set up a judiciary.

Canada is under attack by this foreign legal system franchise operating under colour and guise of law in ‘our’ courts. These global pretenders can do what they want when they rule the courts and use our own mis-educated police forces to attack us from within.

Real money is gold or silver coin. Using the courts, the banker can have his paper currency liabilities to be declared ‘legal tender’ for all debts, when in fact it is itself a debt instrument. In this manner the banker uses the system he has set up in order to fleece a herd population. The lawyer laughs that he has a license to steal.
What Canadians need to do to free ourselves from this global tyranny is create our own lawful de jure governments. I don’t mean reform the foreign owned filth buckets either. I mean to get rid of all three levels of criminal corporations and start all new lawful de jure governments; federal, provincial and municipal. You can not make a silk purse from a sow’s ear and you can not make a lawful entity from a crminal one.

In law, no criminal confederacy can ever rise above its criminal beginning. We the people of Canada have the lawful right to form a lawful de jure government in our own country. Until we do, we will own no property, we will have no real money and we will have no control of our own lives and destinies. We need to both educate and re-educate ourselves. How did we ever become so divorced from reality that we have allowed this to happen to us? As I mentioned earlier, the Bible is the most powerful and insidious weapon ever devised by the mind of man to attack a target population.

When a child has an imaginary friend we consider it to be cute and an indication of a growing intellect. However, when an adult has an imaginary friend we recognize them to be psychotic and delusional. But when a whole group of adults gets together and claim to have the same imaginary friend, they call this cult theology a religion and believe they have the divine right to rule all of the rest of us?

The corporation of CANADA has a constitution that reads; “Recognizing the Superiority of our Imaginary Friend and the Rule of our Lawyers”.

The British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Monarchs have been the world’s largest drug dealers for centuries.. opium wars anybody? And now you know why we are embroiled in an undeclared and unlawful Jew/Arab opium war in Afghanistan. Interesting to note that the Canadian Criminal Code defines the “Canadian Armed Forces” as ‘her majesties forces raised by Canada’. Our children are used as dogs of war to prop up fake democracies like our own.

Let us look at some more definitions from Black’s Law Dictionary 6Ed. to see if we can determine what it is men mean to create when they band together to create lawful governments in order to live in lawful jural societies.

State – a people in a given geographical area.
Civil Service – employees of the State.
Government – elected by the State to govern the Civil Service.
Constitution – body of law, written by the State to control the government.
Lawful – morally and ethically correct, spirit and substance of the law.
Legal – valid contract; full disclosure, mutual consideration and mutual agreement.

Would free men band together and form a government to govern their employees or to subject themselves to slavery? What is so free and equal to be subject to a foreign cult theology at gun point? We are played for suckers by the fraud and lies of foreign banker criminals. Since when have we Canadians formed a lawful de jure government? Never. When did we elect this Queen? Never. The Archbishop of the Anglican Church declares her Queen of our country and we are stupid enough to accept it? Really?

All ‘laws’ drafted in Canada fall under the aegis of the so called ‘Constitution’ or British North America Act. Read Section 32 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to confirm for yourself that these laws only apply to government and not to the private citizens of the Canadian State.
Read Section 15 of the Canadian Criminal Code to confirm for yourself that you can not be convicted of violating any of the laws that are being enforced by these unlawful ‘de facto’ foreign owned corporate governments.

The people of Canada believe they elect someone to represent them, but this is not the truth. When an MP gets elected he swears allegiance to a foreign power, which is an act of treason against the private Canadian state.

When the BAR Association lawyer attempts to enforce public legislation against private citizens he is committing a crime against you known as BARRATRY. When the foreign owned RCMP attack you at gun point on the road for not following these public rules they are committing a crime against you known as CHAMPERTY.

Unless you have done another man (species) an injury and he has a lawful claim against you, you can never be lawfully compelled to court. If you comport yourself in a moral and ethical manner you should expect never to go to court or to be economically disenfranchised for doing another man an injury. If you do, you are presumed innocent and called to defend yourself in front of a jury of your peers who will decide if you have honourably acquitted yourself.

The ‘public’ (non-private) citizens of our de facto government are dupes that steal our birthright for their foreign masters. It is nothing less than the slavery and genocide of the Canadian State and the theft of our birthright and property. Unless we private Canadians form our own lawful de jure government we will always be the victims of foreign criminals. Unless we private Canadians elect our own judiciary we will never live under the ‘rule of free men’ which is called the Golden Rule.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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