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May 24 2022

Father Rights Canada Fathers rights advocate
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What made you send this message? What caused that you looked for more information about...
Catherine Chansamone Costanzo is the Liar head's up
Catherine D Chansamone Chris Carter audience: Authenticated Login and access Catherine Chansamone Costanzo is the Liar head's up
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Father Rights Canada / No lawyer will represent me
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No lawyer will represent me. They have all pushed me off to the side. I am f...
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I had a lot of the same issues and decided the best plan was to be completely transpare...
I've dedicated many years to fixing myself to try and have a relationship with you
Lecyn Williams audience: Authenticated Login and access I've dedicated many years to fixing myself to try and have a relationship with you
Dear Dad, I'm done trying to have a relationship with you. I'm done with your temper ta...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
How many people had their complaint to the law societies about unethical lawyers thrown in the trash

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Ive got two complaints in but nothing changes. Cas has had my daughter for four months ...
On a positive note and before I forget...
Joe Barrow
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Re: Demands from Alienating Mother 8 year olds do not take naps audio attached
Rene van Dockum
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Find punishment for the AP, it's a must, AP will find always find something wrong with ...
I had no idea what levels she would sink to to get revenge
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I wanted to share my story about my current situation and the harm of false allegations...
Re Affidavit of Bobbie Thomas Edmund Hallaert January 09 2012
Vincent Bob
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Affidavit of Bobbie Thomas Edmund Hallaert January 09 2012 SSM Ontario Canada - RE Fami...
Father Rights Canada / I need help
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I need to talk to someone please. I need help. Contact Location: Ontario Can...
Case Law for Motions for the Immediate Return of the Child(ren)
a helping hand
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because of govt of ON ugliness and abject lack of support for families attacked by the ...
Child and Family Services Review Board
Canada Court Watch
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we`ve posted before about the potential benefits of the Child and Family Services Revie...
Sault Ste Marie Ontario Children Aid Society making fun of autistic child
Amanda Westrope
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I would like to let everyone know that your amazing outpouring of help, allowed me to s...
Abuse / facilitated abuse

audience: Authenticated Login and access Abuse / facilitated abuse

My ex is withholding my child for the last three years and she is claiming all kind of ...

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Abusive fathers

Sunday, March 23, 2014 - Accused - Valerie Kirwan

It's quite obvious that you have not read in depth what the Fathers 4 Justice Site is all about. Sadly, people like yourself are so quick to jump on a bandwagon that even hints at rights for fathers, and you go off without understanding what the concept of groups like this are about.

Had you bothered to research further, you would have come to realize this group is NOT against mothers keeping fathers away from children if they are abusers of any kind. We do NOT condone that type of behavior and agree, those fathers should not be around their children, in any way, shape or form. Please point out where you see anything on this site about wanting abusive fathers in their children's lives!!  We ARE a group who see loving fathers (and mothers) ripped out of their children's lives because of mothers (and fathers) who are selfish, insecure and narcissistic! Mothers who have the need for control over everything, especially their children and hurting their ex.

One of our sons has gone through hell the past couple of years because he unfortunately married such a woman. It was always all about her. She couldn't care less what she is doing to our to young grandchildren, as long as she 'wins'. Well please tell me how anyone wins when a child cries themselves to sleep at night, wondering why daddy (or mommy) hasn't been around to visit or take them on an outing. Why daddy can't coach their sport team....or why daddy didn't come to my dance recital like he promised he would!

Surprising as it may seem to you, there are loving, caring, compassionate fathers out there who happen to love their children just as much as mothers do, and sometimes even more. Because a mother who lies to keep their children away from a loving father, does not know what true love is. They aren't capable of it. They are afraid their children will love someone else and not give mom all the love they have. It's sick!

There will be generations of children who are growing up without the love of a father. Without a role model to teach little boys how to be good fathers themselves, without a role model to teach little girls how a future husband should treat her.

So get off your high horse and put some thought into it before you start jumping all over our group. This isn't about you. This is about loving fathers and children who are being kept apart because mom can't share and will lie and cheat to get her own way, without regard to what their children really need.

I'd much rather be a mother who can say publicly that my husband and I are friendly for the sake of the children. Our children didn't ask for a divorce. Our children are free to love us both, equally and spend time with each of us. A real mother...a loving mother. Rather than a mother who publicly says "ya, I really screwed him...I don't care if he's a great father, those kids are mine."

In reply of

My children's father is a convicted domestic abuser Alienator post

Audience: Public
by Leigh Ann Turner
X Post left on Mom and Dad's for Shared Parenting Facebook page : I find your page discriminatory against those of us single mothers who have kept the father of their child away. My children's father is a convicted domestic ... More >>
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Sunday, March 23, 2014
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