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Lawyers put money above the true best interests of the child

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - SharedParenting - ano

Comments to Barbara's column in the National Post.Lawyers put money above the true best interests of the child But many have ignored persuasive evidence showing that the single most important “interest” of children is to continue to love and to be loved by both their parents."

This concept, as logical as it appears to most reasonable people, seems to be lost on the supporters of adversarial family law which includes the Lawyers, with some exceptions such as Mr. Ludmer and his colleagues in L4SP, and more importantly Judges. The latter are largely incompetent in dealing with complex interpersonal relationships, which is what divorce is all about, and have to rely on other people, some of whom have a vested interest in the status quo as it drives clients to their doors.

As a long time observer of family law (AKA FLAW) my research and personal observations show Judges are the perpetrators of some of the most negative consequences that can befall children, using the sole custody to mom model. Despite the fact they have access to all the social science most ignore it and use feministic rational such as social context to make decisions, overwhelmingly favouring one gender to the everlasting regret of children, who are forced by the government to "divorce" their father who is given a parentectomy, and vanquished to visitor status.

The main opponents to equal parenting are Lawyers. Do you ever wonder why? If you thought revenue streams you would be correct. Lawyers put money above the true best interests of the child which is to have both fit and loving parents in their lives on an ongoing basis so that bonds remain intact and dad, as their main protector, is not forced to walk away.

The other main group of opponents are ideological feminists and their bobble head manginas, some of whom are politicians. One such group call themselves LEAF, and are hard core feminist lawyers who with regularity, will bring up the old buster bunking bomb of Domestic Violence. Sometimes when really desperate they will bring out the nuclear bomb of sexual violence by men. They are false assertions unsupported in any literature in most western countries, but it prevails and scares politicians.

Here is the most recent social survey on family violence in Canada showing both genders, in small proportions of the population, are both perpetrators and victims almost equally.

Family violence in Canada: A statistical profile, 2009.

Of the nearly 19 million Canadians who had a current or former spouse in 2009, 6.2% or 1.2 million reported they had been victimized physically or sexually by their partner or spouse during the five years prior to the survey. This proportion was stable from 2004 (6.6%), the last time the victimization survey was conducted, and down from 1999 (7.4%).

A similar proportion of men and women reported experiencing spousal violence during the five years prior to the survey. Among men, 6.0% or about 585,000, encountered spousal violence during this period, compared with 6.4% or 601,000 women.

The Daily summary:



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Tuesday, August 19, 2014
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