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December 05 2021

October 03 2012 619pm - Phone Record 01
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The Presumption of Equality the missing key as there is NO FAMILY within the Family Court Sys
Charlie Mercieca audience: Authenticated Login and access The Presumption of Equality the missing key as there is NO FAMILY within the Family Court Sys

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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Ex forced my son to write out false text messages

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - ToWhomItMayConcern - Julie French - Corrupt Ontario Family Courts

My younger son was here on the weekend and I asked him if he could write me out what he liked and disliked about my place and his dad's. I explained to him that if he wants to move back with me he needs to express how he feels and why. This is what he came up with! 
I just have to add that where he wrote he likes that his dad takes him to play pool, this is at a local bar my ex takes him too and according to my son, his dad tells him to walk home alone at night once the bar gets busy. He doesn't like that part.


-- -- --

We have a court order that the boys are old enough to decide. The youngest wants to be with me so he made out a chart that showed his feelings. He did this to show why he wants to live with me. He never said he didn't love his dad, he just doesn't think his dad can take care of him. This has nothing to do with the marriage, this has to do with what he wants. He is almost 13 and here they can decide at age 12 and sometimes sooner.

That is why I told him to list what he likes about being with his dad. I would never take away his father. This just shows his true feelings. They could never say I coached that because I had no idea he was drinking and driving to go visit with my sons friends parents. This was all him and his idea on how he wanted to do it.

Please remember, that as much as he loves you, he loves his dad too. You can't possibly expect a child to choose. I know you would do ANYTHING for your child... That includes supporting his love for both of you

that is priceless

Parental Alienation - Corrupt Ontario Family Courts As I said everyone wants it over. I sent this with my proposal to my ex including the wishes of my older son. My older son has been alienated and wants to stay with his dad which is fine as he will figure it out. This is only for an agreement between my ex and I.

I just hope he doesn't use it against you

their dad is an alcoholic and he has admitted it to them. They have asked him to stop. I am a mental health and addictions nurse and due to the situation I have been able to educate them and teach them the warning signs. I have taught them when not to get into a vehicle with him and who to call ie. Grandma, their sister etc. Believe me those are his words. Due to this my younger son hates alcohol and hates to see people drinking. My older son is enveloping himself with his fathers behaviors and at almost 16 loves drinking.

I may have worded this wrong but my son has been asking to move back here.... This is why I asked him to explain his reasonings for me. He can't just decide he wants to move here because he had a bad day with his dad etc. He needed to provide reasons and they needed to be honest reasons. I have already spoken to his dad about this and him moving back here... This was a way for our youngest son to have his thoughts heard and have us listen to what he wants. Then as I mentioned, I added this to a proposal that I wrote up for my ex. This way it could settle out of court. This could be all over if my ex agrees and stands by that he wants this settled and wants what's best for the boys. He states he can't afford to go to trial.

I'm crying as I write this, my son hates me, It's me against, His dads family I've done nothing for my son to hate me like this even social services say it doesn't add up all I want is my son back I've missed Xmas with him I'm heartbroken, he's my life ss say it will take time to break my son away but hopefully will happen as his dad is letting him dwn all I want is to be a mom to my son.

I wish I could get my son to even speak about it....he wont. He wont write anything. Wont talk about anything. He looks to his sister for approval even on what food he can eat.

Parental Alienation - Corrupt Ontario Family Courts I feel for you... We all do. We have to cope the best way we can. We are all here to support one another. Praying for you

Parental Alienation - Corrupt Ontario Family Courts They won't give them that. This isn't about court anyway. My ex told me he can't afford to go to trial and wants this to end. So in order to have their voices and opinions heard I had them write out their wishes and why. I added them to a proposal I wrote to try and settle this out of court.

Parental Alienation - Corrupt Ontario Family Courts Well my ex forced my son to write out false text messages. He even stated he couldn't prove the messages. The judges have all taken and accepted it at face value. Even though I had proof it wasn't true.

What happened to you and your kids is treacherous. I hope this ends. I'm scared to death of the court system and how they operate. Even the procedure should be tossed. I'm sorry about your situation. That's awesome you got to teach your kiddos about that stuff. If I even mention my ex's anything I'd be punished for it.

 okay, chuck - i hear you! effective attorney. and julie - i know your'e not coaching him....but proving stuff in court is difficult. it's much easier to tear something apart.

 You know....I feel that a lot of people express negativity so they can feel better within themselves. Narcissistic ?

Wow ____ my Son also does that, it's like my daughter took over the parenting

Do they have a law by you that says when a child os a certain age they can choose where they luve...here in Georgia its 14

Parental Alienation - Corrupt Ontario Family Courts Cameron is a little spit fire and has a head on his shoulders... He doesn't listen to that stuff. He gets punished by his father for speaking his mind. He has been known to run around telling his dad he 'hates' him. He has never wanted to be there. He is afraid of his dad and has made that known to everyone. But at almost 13 he pretty much stands his ground.

No. Barbara Schroeder I think people call it like they see it based on their own experiences... And some for pure concern and heartfelt worry about the mother. So subcontiously the "negetive" is somewhat of a devil's advocate about how this can be viewed if in the hands of the wrong expert witness. It is not nice to just blurt out an accusation or label like that without even knowing the person. That says a lot about individuals that can just do that.

Why does he have custody?

I believe the word participate is on the grade 4 or 5 spelling list - JMO


Awww bless him!! It's so tough! At least you know your boy loves you huni. I know it doesn't help the situation but it keeps the heart warm and the brain focused! Xxx

That sux

Of course since you have done it, it will look contrived, but if a judge does it, it looks clever. I flipping hate the judicial system!

I went to court in Gloucester co nj and the "children's bill of rights" forbids discussions like this with the children. The court would not even consider it and might even sanction the parent for violating the bill of rights . Very hard to get what the kids feel and want into court. Usually court child psychologist would do interviews or judge.

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