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May 12 2021

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the transcript and the bottom line is the lawyer as I see it lied with the effect of hi...
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Tonight the Jim radio show reflects on previous episodes of the weekly Food F...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
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The objective of www.StopCAS.ca is bring an end to the 53 cult like criminal ...
Them in positional power to do something about it choose to ignore minimize re-victimize me
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Since my son was 10 months old I have been fighting tooth and nail to see him as much a...

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Legal aid lawyers in London Ontario?

Saturday, February 22, 2014 - Lawyers - a helping hand - Court Lawyers notes and observations

Anyone know of good legal aid lawyers in London Ontario?

don't use Paul lepine

Anyone have any suggestions for a good legal aid lawyer in London? To fight against CAS.

Most lawyers in London are to scared to fight CAS in London.

it seems like it, i called one but still waiting to hear back from her

thats another thing, lawyers want to win !!whats w/these ones not even caring about their client?

Lawyers only care about the money nowadays.. Not about doing the right thing..

google family lawyer association for Ontario

Try Bridgitt Gratl , she is known to travel and takes legal aid. She is out of Kitchener and she is a go atter with CA$.

I am a little worried for you. I notice that you are holding a picture of a baby. I hope the CAS is not trying to take your child because I think that is illegal. If a parent is truly engaging in Child neglect I believe they are imprisoned for as I understand it criminal code calls for imprisonment of those who neglect children and as I see you are not in prison then as far as I see it they have no right to take your kid.

Section 40 of the CFSA CAS( ontario) can apprehend without a warrant if they feel child is at risk/harm abuse neglect and must have parent in our within 5 days. 

You are right ____. Sometimes the system gets a little much. I am of the view that the CAS should only be allowed to take your child if you are imprison for harming your kid and only for the time you are in prison i.e if things are supposedly so horrendous for your child then you must be violating the criminal code and if you are not violating the criminal code then the situation is not so heinous for your child. They already have crimnal laws regarding child neglect. If the situation is not horrendous enough to have you convicted of criminal charges of harming your kid then the situation is not that horrendous and the CAS then has no business taking your kid. If you want to have your kid eat tweenkies all day after school and watch TV hours and hours each day that's your business. Last time I checked that was not against the law and if the CAS think its child abuse for kids to eat twenkies then let the CAS lobby the government to pass a law to say that the state will take your kids if they eat a twenkie.

I had Jonathon Dunlop although I honestly had to be stubborn with him to do what I wanted. He just went along with whatever CAS wanted

- Court Lawyers notes and observations
last update
Saturday, February 22, 2014
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