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October 27 2021

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Corrupt Ontario Guelph Superior Court

Thursday, November 7, 2013 - FamilyCourt - julie french

I have been dealing with the superior court in guelph with a nasty custody battle. The courts took my boys and gave my ec sole interim custody in a 20 minute motion after I left at the advice of the police after he his a machete in the garage and said he was going to kill me. The problem.... His mother is a court services officer in that same courthouse.

The judges protect him and he has this time denied me 9 months of access and communication. I just brought a contempt motion and the first time he didn't even bother showing up. It got adjourned. I went back October 22nd and the judge adjourned it and said she wasn't dealing with it. I still have no access and the judge wouldn't even discuss the 9 months of access denial. I found out when looking through the continuing record file, which cost me $200 for photocopying of documents I have never even seen. Garnishment orders etc.

I was never even notified. My documents and letters have been removed. And I have 4 letters and affidavits by witnesses that even the court orders from Oct 8th and the 22nd are missing. Even the endorsements aren't in the continuing record. The court house staff refuse to file my documents, the contempt motion the clerks stated they would not accept it if I didn't Only serve it to my exes lawyer, even though it was Wrong and doesn't follow the family court rules. I took in my other motion for custody etc and the clerks messed up all my exhibits and put them in different order so they didn't match my affidavit.

They give me a constant run around and when my friend took in his affidavit to support my claims of this abuse by the clerks, the clerks took it upon themselves to read it and then accused him of not writing the affidavit, stated I can't have him file an affidavit etc.

I have sent a formal complaint myself to the director and manager of the court operations for the western region and they dont care. I even sent them a forged document I got sent by accident that was faxed out of that courthouse late at night and the person who did it put the seal over their name so you couldn't tell who signed it. They still don't care. The forged document was faxed out of the courthouse at 10:10pm at night. It was faxed to my exes lawyer.then my exes lawyer faxed it back.

The courthouse is breaking family court rules and laws and I have proof but no one will listen.

The childrens lawyer is helping my ex and I can prove her incompotency and I can prove she's not doing her job. The judge when my ex stole my kids based child support for me to pay starting march 2013 on an estimation of what they think I might make this year, even though I'm on stress leave. The amount was horrendous and has put me in a huge financial hardship where right now I'm almost on the street.

Just in the month of October alone 2013 my ex was sent $3200 through the FRO and I got to keep $500 for the month. This breaks the law as only 50% of your net pay can be deducted.

Obviously not in my case. Garnishment orders keep showing up and the FRO has just added a bunch more arrears have been added but they state they can't tell me anything.

Just from march they ate saying I owe almost $12,000 in child support when my gross pay a month is $2800. Gross pay is this.

They have taken all my income tax refund money and they have stripped me of everything and even the judge on october 22nd didn't care.

The boys lived with me for 13 months and the judges supported my exes claim that he shouldn't have to pay support, even though he makes much more than me. When I left him I had always been a stay at home mom because he was controlling and wouldn't allow me to go out. The judge wouldn't even award me spousal support. Bottom line... They protect everything he does. He can deny access and communication and can break every court order with no ramifications.

I have proof of his alienation but the judges won't acknowledge my proof. Ive asked for a change of venue but was denied, even with my proof. Even with the proof of the forged document. I need help and have sent my evidence to the judicial council with nothing either. I dont know where to turn anymore.

You can see more about my case through my Facebook page:

Check it out and share my story. Its real and its reality.

The guelph superior courthouse has destroyed my 2 boys. 2 boys that used to be carefree, smart and had goals in life to 2 boys who are angry and only no how to hate now.

I miss my boys and feel ive lost them forever because of that corrupt courthouse.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013
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