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November 28 2021

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These officers were part of an Intimidation Team Bracebridge Ontario

Thursday, July 2, 2015 - Police - Canada Court Watch

Police became aggressive with citizens who had gathered outside of the Bracebridge, Ontario courthouse to protest the family court system and the children's aid society. At one point and in front of witnesses, including a reporter from the local community newspaper, one police officer used force and confiscated (stole) the personal property of one protester consisting of a report on the abuse of power and authorty by the OPP. The officer grabbed the document and said that he was confiscating it.

It would appear as if some members of the Ontario Provincial police who work at the Bracebridge, Ontario courthouse consider themselves above the law.

Canada Court Watch
November 10, 2011


It was crimial, they were provolking Chris C at one point by saying he was hiding behind his glasses. They were insisting that WE could " PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE " but could NOT raise our voices and that use of the " blowhorn " was against the law. WE would NOT back down however then were told that " HON JUSTICE WOODS " would allow the protest. WE ASSURED THEM VIA > blowhorn that " WE did not need their permission or his permission to protest " These officers were part of an " Intimidation Team " that tried their damdest to persuay us to " shut up & back down " This did NOT happen ..... the protest went well until Officer Cook I beleive walked out to where Chad & the reporter were gathered like Vern said, and snatched ( stole > confiscated ) the document about " abuse of power & being above the law. Yes Vern ... It would appear that OPP Bracebridge who were there today consider themselves above the law, it is also very sad how militarized the police were today and how young they were too. I had a great time with friends protesting again in Bracebridge at the Court this time around and the Children's Abduction $ociety too which I though a bonus deal 

~Lillian Christine Sorko

I was dumbfounded when the OPP officer came over while we were being interviewed by the local press and confiscated personal property without just cause. He bumjped/nudged Chad Wells with his shoulder and said, "You know how this works Chad!." and then stole the property.

~Attila Vinczer

In light of this latest incident, Court Watch will be posting the report regarding the abuse of power and authority by those entrusted to the protection of the citizens. The officer who assaulted Mr. Wells and stole his personal property was named in this earlier report. Odd as well, the officers at the Bracebridge courthouse indicated that Justice Wood was directly involved in giving instruction to the officers about this protest. Justice Wood has no business instructing the officers on anything. Officers are supposed to know the law and to enforce the rule of law with no communication whatsoever with Justice Wood.

This whole situation is tragic. I have a number of police officers I associate with, some of whom I work with. They are good guys, have families and generally do their jobs professionally. I am sure that I speak for of the public when I way that most want to have a police force the public can respect. But as the old saying goes there are a few bad apples in every basket which make all the apples look bad. Hopefully some of the good officers within the OPP will refuse to remain silent and to do something about this abuse of police authority before these out of control officers bring further loss of public respect to the force.

~Vernon Beck


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Thursday, July 2, 2015
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