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June 26 2022

Re: C A S that took her and put her with foster people in Napanee Ontario of Canada
Tess Grant audience: Public
She needs just cause to file a complaint with CFSRB. We have no reason as to why the child...
Re: Father Rights Canada / I pay full support even though I have her nearly 50% of the time
Jason van Eck audience: Public
The system is designed to only supply rights and care for your daughter. YOU are not ev...
46-year-old Mark Anthony Maltais OPP Sergeant facing child pornography charges
Leith Dunick audience: Public
A 46-year-old Thunder Bay man and OPP sergeant is facing child pornography charges, cit...
Re: Father Rights Canada / I need Help
Vincent audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Father Rights Canada / I need Help
Good morning, if you would like reply to this email and we can start talking , or you c...
In most cases people will just SAY urgency warrants an ex parte application, but it's not true
Papa Inbc audience: Public
If cas is allowed to do exparty motions & get warrants & orders without telling...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Their anger is that of people who have not had justice
Fathers in action group Jeremy Swanson
audience: Public

I would note that Stella Ambler from Mississauga South (Conservative) is listed as havi...
Father Rights Canada / The Family Court Resistance on Facebook
Not disclosed
audience: Public

The Family Court Resistance on Facebook. Contact Location: Manitoba Canada<...
Father Rights Canada / I haven’t heard anything since it was a big news event.

audience: Public

Does anyone know what happened to the Mom who contacted the police and a false amber alert...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Looking for a lawyer in London
Jasmin Riley
audience: Public

Have heard Toenie Hersch at Herrison Pensa is for Fathers Rights and a great lawyer.</p...
guys who may have had their drivers license confiscated - [ harassed by FRO, MEP ETC.
Alienated father Christina Jane Olsen
audience: Public

We pay for free loaders dead beat&nbsp;ballast to our social structure which enforces p...
These type of women will laugh when they see men abused
Trevor Kennedy
audience: Public

there is absolutely ZERO compromise with some women that you ever EVER slap a woman. no...
The business of human trafficking of these children arrested and incarcerated
Not disclosed
audience: Public

It's all about secrecy! We, the people, the shattered survivors, ARE forbidden from rev...
My son and I been fighting for him ever since my baby boy is being robbed
Sofia Anastassiou
audience: Public

Yesterday was my Baby boys 4th birthday and mummy was not allowed to see my boy not to ...
Re: Legal Aid lawyers are pieces of consorting trash
Deborah O Connor
audience: Public

This could be a good group if people would only stop posting garbage like this. Get a g...
Jason Mallett charged with 15 offences under the Police Services Act
Jason Mallett
audience: Public

An Ottawa police constable with a history of misconduct&nbsp;is facing more than a doze...

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Most alienation starts long before an actual breakup, divorce or separation

Friday, October 11, 2013 - PAS - Rick Nischalke - Parental Alienation Community

This is just one parents perspective on surviving the pain of Parental Alienation. Is well written and insightful...
Surviving the Pain of Parental Alienation Part 1

How do I survive the pain of Parental Alienation?

People contact us from around the world on a daily basis looking for help, resources, encouragement, facts, laws and strategies. But the one overriding theme and prevailing question that we receive more than any other is How do I survive the horrifying and life-changing affects that my child and I have experienced because of parental alienation?

This site is filled with a plethora of resources and suggestions for addressing multiple facets of the complex problem of PA. But no matter where you’re at in your personal journey ultimately you need to be able to understand, address and survive the brutal onslaught of attack, conflict and loss associated with this form of abuse.

Regardless of whether you end up maintaining a positive relationship with your children, or end up losing all contact with them, your life and relationship with them will never be the same. The bad news is that there is no going back. The good news is that after the dust has settled, they may well realize that you are the safe and sane parent and the alienator is not. Once you overcome attempts by the alienating parent to damage or destroy your relationship with your child, you may develop an even deeper bond of love and mutual respect than before.

But even in the best case, you will still need to deal with the fallout of negative emotions that are associated with going through this type of trauma. And in a worst case scenario, you will have lost the love, respect and many times all contact with your child. And most likely, you will have invested every dime you have trying to obtain “justice” in court along the way.

Let’s look at the typical stages and progression of events in a severe case of alienation.


brought to our attention by: 
Suzanne Lombard Elmore

Read more here @ keepingfamiliesconnected.org

  1. Most alienation starts long before an actual breakup, divorce or separation.


- Parental Alienation Community
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Friday, October 11, 2013
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