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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...



More: Canada - Suggest changes to this group description - Google: Canada

Re: Chery Lafrenière If youre had dealings with this judge

audience: Public

I have several over the top dealings with this Judge. I am new to the site and I do not see other messages but I woul...

Custody evaluation completed by psychologist Graeme T Clark of Edmonton

audience: Public
This message is in response to a contact request at: 4/26/2020 1:03:15 PM local time.


Re The Lawsuit against Motherisk for faulty drug testing

audience: Authenticated

This message is in response to a contact request at: 4/17/2020 3:04:28 PM local time. - AUTHENTICATION - BAINSYNTAX.C...

Re Father Rights Canada / Ex is placing kids in harmful situations

audience: Public
If you are a Father and drugs and alchohol are an issue the courts will remove your children from you, if you are the Mo...

We Can Make Changes to the Family Court System A Call to Action Update

audience: Public

I spoke with my MPP tonight, she says that she has received about a dozen emails about this post. While a dozen is a ...

Re: Father Rights Canada - She is keeping me from returning to my home country

audience: Public

Assuming you are Canadian citizen, report your passport as stolen by your ex at nearest Canadian Embassy. They can is...

Father Rights Canada / Contempt - enough for a judge to take seriously?

audience: Public
  • My son's X wife refused to follow a court order for access to his kids. Repeated attempts to see the kids...

Re: Andrew Scheer white wash response basically the Court system works as is

audience: Public
I have contacted the previous conservative government, the federal ndp party, the liberal party, and the provincial ndp ...

Re: Andrew Scheer Canadian parents need you to focus on true reform of family law

audience: Public

Dear Andrew Scheer,
You are the biggest hope for Canadian people in all political aspects.
Canadian pare...

My kids are overweight and failing school and mom is a free loader

audience: Public

I would love for the world to know the monster this woman is. What she and women like her do. She has destroyed the r...

Re My 30 year old CAS file - 100 years of child abuse the Society has knowingly hidden

audience: Public

i am not associated f with the lawyer.  but i put the inquiry to the class action law suit. 


Re: Change of income FRO deduction update

audience: Public
you can complete the forms and send it to them but the other party will have to agree and sign off on it. if they don't ...

Re Awareness adventure this summer on behalf of my innocent daughter and all victims of this country

audience: Public

EVERYONE CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!!!! (I always wanted to say that)

The Canoe for Canoeing Canu...

Government shuts down Hospital Beds sells public assets Hydro cost soars fellow Canadians homeless

audience: Public

the Banks profits on interest from the Ontario Government bogus loans has soared!!! $151.5 billion free to the Banker...

Minister of Finance office and ask why parents pay child support to deceased children

audience: Public

Good morning good day and a happy one to all… REGARDING MY CASE: i’ll take my act to city hall now....

Re Father Rights Canada / Class action lawsuit against the government of Canada

audience: Public

This is a response I received from a law group regarding men's rights and the violations by government of the Canadia...

FEAR is like oxygen to government

audience: Public

Without a constant and never-ending stream of FEAR, power dissipates. People quickly realize that they don't need the...

Corrupt bias Family Courts destroy fathers FRO, MEP guilty

audience: Public

I've over paid by tens of thousands of dollars and have been sent to jail twice. Lost three jobs because of all of th...

Response to: Your Kids Should Not Be The Most Important in The Family by John Rosemond of the Napels Daily Times

audience: Authenticated

Your kids should not be the most important in the family according to this news paper article from from 201...

Re: I will make sure I point a gun to my self and she wont receive a penny

audience: Public

It’s not pathetic. Have you ever been in a position where you have to pay child support and was physically not ...

Lawyers and their conscience abdicating order followers are held to account

audience: Public

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the UK and Western partners of playing "children's games" in their...

Re: Plenty of Court decisions showing a double standard where abuse and lying by the CAS is given light treatment

audience: Public
Quand je te disais qu'En Ontario ils sont partis après la DPJ aussi

Our Canada Pension Plan - We are being cheated

audience: Public

Allan Scott’s daughter died this year at the age of 34 and When he inquired about her CPP he was told that beca...

Re: Mom gets visitation at my discretion with conditions (sober, supervised)

audience: Public

Is there risk? Yup. There's been risk for 10 years now. Is she dangerous? Define dangerous. If ignorance is dangerous...

Affidavit of Lorelei Buchan - Re Giesbrecht Sandy on Punished 4 Protecting exposed

audience: Authenticated

I, Lorelei Buchan, of the Rural Municipality of East St. Paul, in the Province of Manitoba, Businesswoman, MAKE ...

Carl has been in jail since July 21,2017 All in the name of refusing to give up the fight for his children

audience: Public

Dear Friends of Carl’s, and his father and parenting groups...please read!!

I am a good friend of Carl&...

Radio Food For Thought - Parents alienated from their kids have a Radio Voice

audience: Authenticated

Food For Thought Radio with The Jim guests talk about living with suicide, Family Court, Parental alienation, Guests ...

Abusive Mom Stole Go Fund Me Money From Childs Dying Grandfather

audience: Authenticated

 If you and Phil were lovers during the winter before he passed

Well Facebook has erupted with ...

Democratic society their Canadian war planes bringing peace to the world's troubled regions

audience: Public

A street can have two names. We have the technology... But no, the political-correctness-outrage industry must agitat...

Drunk mother breastfeeding and scraping with the father

audience: Public

This is what I get for going to bed at nine o'clock last night. Domestic violence against men doesn't exist. This has...

Re: Radio interview with Sandra Giesbrecht - Rational vs Irrational Things don't Add up!

audience: Public

I have to say this is one of the best shows I've listened to. Thank You both for coming together to talk. HOWEVER aft...

Radio Food For Thought December 03 Parents alienated from their kids have a Radio Voice

audience: Authenticated

Tonight's guest on Food For Thought is Sandy to talk about her group Punished 4 Protecting, Food For Thought with The...

Plenty of Court decisions showing a double standard where abuse and lying by the CAS is given light treatment

audience: Public

A long article in the Star talks about how broken foster care and group homes are with workers paid low wages without...

Philip was abused and alienated by the mother of his child

audience: Public

When we hear the terms murder or manslaughter we usually only think of the physical death of the body via the neglige...

Radio Food For Thought - Nov 26 2017- Parents alienated from their kids have a Radio Voice

audience: Public

Tonight's Food For Thought, after a two week break the Jim returns to Food For Thought with special guest Candace, le...

It's court corruption prosecuting parents David Stephen, the media is twisting it

audience: Authenticated

David Stephen since the media is twisting it. It's court corruption prosecuting parents Prayers for Ezekiel...

Radio Food For Thought November 12 2017 Parents alienated from their kids have a Radio Voice

audience: Authenticated

Tonight's Food For Thought, Jim's special guests take over the show discussing systematically designed deadbeat fathe...

Re: Police arresting Mother for contempt of family Court Order

audience: Public

My heart isn't bleeding. Happens to men all the time - bet he had to go through the ringer to get that far.

Radio Food For Thought - jessfm.ca Nov. 05 2017 Parents alienated from their kids have a Radio Voice

audience: Authenticated

For tonight's radio show - breaking the Cycle. The product of a divorce with a narcissistic  parent. And th...

Court rejects proposed class-action over Motherisk drug-testing scandal

audience: Public

The judge ruled that because of the “intensely individualistic” nature of the claims involving flawed dru...

re She feels that she can do this with no regard for our court order

audience: Public

If she has choice of residence and it hasn’t placed restrictions then yes she can do whatever she wants. You ca...

Trudeau talks about Equality but his actions are more entitled

audience: Public

Liberals increased child support guidelines, but haven't submitted the tax changes. 
As a child's rights ad...

Re Provide your story for an upcoming book detailing short stories of your battle with a High Conflict Divorce

audience: Public

Hello Robert, Congratulations, I am so pleased and happy to hear that you were able to see your kids and have th...

Best and Worst Places to be a Woman in Canada sights Edmonton as 18th

audience: Public

So, the Canadian Centre for Policy Initiatives, Best and Worst Places to be a Woman in Canada sights Edmonton as 18th...

Re: Father Rights Canada / False accusations and in shock seeking others experiance

audience: Public

Legal aid, access pro Bono, get money together even if it's just enough for a consultation and advice. Maybe go ...

Alienated Children are the result of narcissistic parents

audience: Public

A mans cruelty is shown when he takes away children from a protective mother. A woman's cruelty is shown when she tak...

Father Rights Canada Edmonton area Alberta website

audience: Public

Is there an Alberta website that anyone knows of where one can check out a lawyers ratings? There are two Edmonton la...

Radio Food For Thought - jessfm.ca Parents alienated from their kids have a Radio Voice

audience: Authenticated

Food For Thought with The Jim Sunday October 8 2017 Jim speaks with a father who went through Family Courts, and self...

Re: Father Rights Canada / Up until 1 hour ago I was a member of the Fathers Rights Alberta Canada Facebook Page

audience: Authenticated
Extortion is Extortion. How would you feel if a bunch of men stood on a podium speaking about how painful giving birth...

Re Nelson BC Canada hates you You have defecated on the memory of a much loved man

audience: Public

FYI the title of the last reply stems from an earlier recorded reply, a reply with insults and temperaments from...

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