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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...

Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada, Algoma District , Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court, Civil Claims Court, City Traffic Court,

Sault Ste. Marie (/'su? se?nt m?'ri?/ "Soo Saint Marie") is a city on the St. Marys River in Ontario, Canada, close to the US-Canada border. It is the seat of the Algoma District and the third largest city in Northern Ontario, after Sudbury and Thunder Bay.

Parental Alienation capital of Ontario,  H,Q, Children's Aid Society, a transition from residents schools to 46 Children's Aid Societies with no oversight body

Town is run with favoritism, misconduct and malice, local City  VICARS, Feminist Family Service agendas, bias conclusions to fit their arrogance of a distortion of life, orthodox groups of anti male, anti family, pro female victim services. Sponsoring , revolving doors for target unfortunate mental ill, addicts, poor and less fortunate within the community of Algoma Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada 

petty theft criminals are set up in regular stings to meet quotas for specific funding levels from the provincial government and city police unions. 

To top it up like the creme de la creme local OCJ The  Ontario Court of Justice Acts and administration acts assisting for local rural cesspools of greed and corruptions. These law acts dosen't apply to the elites of Sault Ste Marie, these you will have to blow, in Sault Ste Marie as all of Ontario Canada these acts are the perversion of their law, Administrative westminster law acts to fool and oppress the people of Sault Ste Marie.  

Administrative position are filled by corrupt thugs, local bully club members who patrolling the city to further harass less fortunate and indigenous community members. 

  - - - 

Photo: "Sault Ste Marie the friendlies town in Algoma"  "Arbeit Macht Frei"

Source: Cities & Towns in Algoma

More: Sault Ste Marie Ontario - Suggest changes to this group description - Google: Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Shawn Wiegand threatens Mom and calls Algoma CAS maliciously Sault Algoma district

audience: Public

Shawn suffers from being bipolor. He goes through stages that im the best mom to the"bxxch who gave birth to him" if ...

Re: Sault Ste. Marie Ontario AFS Algoma Family Services malice Sault Ontario Canada

audience: Authenticated

This message is in response to a contact request at: 7/25/2017 9:25:50 AM local time.
brainsyntax sends this co...

Social worker Tera Masczcakiewicz employee of Algoma Family Services

audience: Public

Hi there, I am a father who has been having problems accessing his children and I'm also a licensed lawyer. I am in t...

VAWA Women in Crisis VICAS Freedom Sisters Supporting Voices of the North

audience: Public

I just wanted to pass this information forward to you.  A small grass root group of women that have survived dom...

Julie Francis

audience: Authenticated

Words from March 06 2016 by the mother of Adam Warren's children,  Adam Warren is restricted to have any unsuper...

Demands from Alienating Mother 8 year olds do not take naps audio attached

audience: Authenticated

Spiteful and controlling parent denies sleep for "her child" during Dad's Wednesday visit, as mom paid for a bias fin...

Alienated Daughters Birthday 2016 Abusive mother favoured in Court with her perpetual victim stance

audience: Public

Last year for my daughters 7th Birthday (the mother tried to prevent my presence at the FHC school from

Justice Romuald F. Kwolek of Sault Ste Marie Ontario Court of Justice

audience: Authenticated

Justice Romuald F. Kwolek allows this abuse to happen. March of 2015 presented to the bench was the option to show th...

Canadian Children deserve better than growing up learning to assume that men are violent abusers

audience: Public

I'm finding that more and more men are using and abusing "the system" to gain custody and control. It goes both ways....

Sootoday Northern Tabloid David Helwig Wanted Wednesday Harassing residents of the Algoma District

audience: Public

David Helwig and M Rollin slandering and ridiculing residents of Sault Ste Marie Ontario based on an unlawful and une...

Algoma CAS Stigma against young people in the community

audience: Public

The world needs to know what happens to young people. I was 18 when I had _____ and the fact I was younger was comple...

Sault Former Team Jacobs trainer charged in roids investigation Helwig's routine false accusation

audience: Public

David Helwig golden boy scouts,who makes it his daily routine to slander using the City's Police Chief Crime news bri...

Judge closing case premature covering Lawyers conflicts of interests

audience: Authenticated

Follow up Phone chat Rosemary and Lionel Fleury, Lionel who has spent 8 years fighting to be included in his son's li...

Injustice Judge R. Kwolek How to appeal Form 38 sample

audience: Public

Form 38 Ontario Family Law Notice of Appeal, against Family Court injustice Order by R. Kwolek, for everyone to learn...

Loving Father told by Judge R. Kwolek he is of no benefit to his 10 year old son

audience: Public

We live in a society which refers to men as being Deadbeat Dads. When a Father steps up, wanting to be a positive inf...

Lying Kristi Whitfield of Dunn Law Office Sault Ste Marie Ontario

audience: Public

These images will serve to prove that Kristi Whitfield of the Dunn Law Office in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada is...

Peter Bier alienated father from Sault Ste Marie Ontario is longing for his children

audience: Authenticated

Pathetic to know that no one person in my family has seen Alexa. FOR ONE FULL F***ing YEAR NOW!!! Noooo. Not alienati...

How to file fraudulent documents via the Kristi Withfield Melanie Dunns office paid by a vindictive ex

audience: Public

Just like you lawyers from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario aka The Soo: Michael Walz and Kristi Whitfield and also with off...

Conversation with Charlie Mercieca - Parents and Children longing for Justice

audience: Authenticated

Right to be a parent maliciously prevented with the help of hired racketeering rings Family Law Barristers & Soli...

Barristers money for their firms for hurting our children and alienating the parents

audience: Authenticated

The lawyers are all in the racketeering ring criminal organization called the law societies ..., two Alienated Father...

I wanted to warn everyone else out there.. but i will not stop

audience: Authenticated

I needed to post this.. i was just denied kinship of my grandchild because they are watching me on facebook... and th...

The night dad went to Jail - by sticking me in a room with only a TV and several broken dvds

audience: Public

I was at the (Supervised) access center for my visit they had a bunch of dvd's for...

Names of 23 executives revealed who receive Essar Steel Algoma bonuses 2016

audience: Authenticated

Essar Steel Algoma will be heading to court Wednesday seeking a judge's approval for a 'key employee retention plan' ...

Family Law Parents longing for their children and longing for Justice

audience: Public

Hello vincent, I have a picture from a foster parent putting my son at risk of death.. And cas didn't do anything abo...

SSMP investigation against ADAM A. WARREN October 13 2015

audience: Authenticated

To Mr. Beau Neveau SSMP Public contact

Sault Ste. Marie Police Service and to whom it may concerns

I ...

Robb Weir from Sault Ste Marie Ontario harassing strangers associated to us

audience: Authenticated

I love it when people harass me in PM with drive by postings: "So you are another member of those groups full of dead...

Entering false data into the police computer Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada

audience: Public

My ex got up to the same crap. He knows someone in one of the detachments and he got action for a fabricated complain...

Protest Against Algoma Children's Aid Society an Alienated Mom speaks about her turmoil with the Society

audience: Authenticated

Day 2 of back to back protests in Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada  September 02 2015. Multiple interviews were co...

Sault Ste Marie Ontario Children Aid Society making fun of autistic child

audience: Public

I would like to let everyone know that your amazing outpouring of help, allowed me to secure a meeting with the super...

His site brainsyntax, triggers my consciousness

audience: Public

Concluding evidence for the reader to know that on April- May 2015 Conversation between Suzanne Olsen and my friend L...

Suzanne Olsen[Grandmother] misused medical patient data from the (SAH) Sault Area Hospital

audience: Public

Suzanne Olsen from Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada had a career as Emergency Room Nurse at the SAH Sault Area Hospital...

More malice from the Sault Ste Marie Ontario core of assholes welcome to the most friendliest town in northern Ontario

audience: Public

Rallies are being held across Canada today (Thursday) to protest the innocent verdict handed down in March in the mur...

Reasons for Judgment A society should neither be rewarded or punished by costs but should be held accountable

audience: Authenticated

Children's Aid Society of Algoma v. M.(R.) (No. 3), 2001 25594 (ON CJ) 2001-03-05

The cou...

Christina Jane Olsen Sault

audience: Public

we need to pay this lady to come out with the truth. it might only take 5-10 alienating ...

Re: Sault Ste Marie Ontario narcissistic ex manipulating the criminal justice system to gain advantage in Family Court

audience: Public

this is not right, what happened further is the been brought to Justice?

Sault Ste Marie Ontario make the evidence fit, the personal biased conclusions of investigators.

audience: Public

This audio was recorded on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at the University of Ottawa Fauteaux Hall The Faculty of Law.<...

The abuse suffered dished out by the Olsen's from Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

audience: Public

Such is a mild description of what this bitch in reality is like. Christina J. Olsen is a disgusting horrible person,...

Elderly Alienated German Oma granted access in Canadian Family Court opposed by vexatious parent

audience: Authenticated

Court Order Link to pdf file Motion Access for Grandmother Spiteful ex Christina Jane Olsen from Sault Ste Marie Onta...

Vindictive lying ex Christina Jane Olsen from Sault Ste Marie

audience: Public

24 minutes in and all sounds too familiar. easily can tell when she's lying - she starts re-confirming how good she i...

Obtaining the Coroner Inquest

audience: Public

Just to add a couple extra Chris. Rose Lambert deliberately started a fire while in the custody of CAS in Sault Ste. ...

Sault Police Services corrupt city SSM is kidnapping my kids for a group home

audience: Public

According to the City's Police Chief incidents media release:
On the 11 July 2014 Children's Aid Society workers...

I exist because you do and will always be here for you

audience: Authenticated

Amanda Charron from sault ste marie ontario living on Welfare and waiting for the child government bonus cheque to co...

Re: I exist because you do and will always be here for you

audience: Public

Amanda Charron you idiot, these are HIS words!! You look stupid again little girl! Go play in the sandbox with all th...

Sault Ste Marie Amanda Charron looking for companionship

audience: Authenticated

Amanda Charron, from sault ste marie ontario, her snarfy input was long expected ...

It appears ...

Shawn E Wiegand Sault Ste Marie calls CAS out Revenge

audience: Public

well he joined the party ... lets make sure all future associates or other contacts are aware of his activity in rega...

Re: Adam Ashley Warren

audience: Authenticated

This are Adams Warren original statements from Feb 2013 read here: ht...

Shawn Edward Wiegand malicious calls to the Children's Aid office to revenge on his enemies

audience: Authenticated

April you did not write the top comment, the first one is from him and I wrote the reply. And your name was added so ...

Re: Re: Shawn Edward Wiegand April Long from Sault Ste Marie Ontario

audience: Public

Actually I don't care u can leave it there I'm not scared of him never was and never will be he is scum and a shit di...

Re: Shawn Edward Wiegand April Long from Sault Ste Marie Ontario

audience: Public

I am april long and am replyin to this I googLed my name because someone asked me what this is about I had no idea wh...

Adam Warren Ontario Sault Chaplau districts comments on a Voice for Men

audience: Authenticated

Conversation Chat on A Voice For Men Adam Ashley Warren has comments to a criminal investigation from March 2009 why ...

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