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Searching for my children

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MCFD, RCMP to CAS Ontario harassing terrified mother - Introduction

3/11/2016 8:28:14 AM
Phone Conversation - Recorded Audio - Web Page addition

MCFD, RCMP to CAS Ontario harassing terrified mother - Introduction

Friday March 11 2016
9:30 PM

I am still trying to compile everything that has occurred to us since coming to Ontario, which was to be a fresh start, away from the intense Promotion of Hate with Intent and Malice and terrorizing my child was being subjected to. As soon as it was confirmed by OW that we had relocated to Hamilton, a fabricated intake was made in BC to continue carrying out the Corruption, Collusion, Promotion of Hate with Intent and Malice, Abuse/Neglect of my youngest, but I will stop there.

I am working on compiling all Ontario information as I want others to know, to be informed and to stop being afraid to speak out.

Phone conversation with Leslie G and Vincent S. talking about  Leslie's involvement with the Ministry of Children and Family Development in British Columbia and now with the Children's Aid Society of Ontario 

Friday March 11 2016 930 PM - Audio Phone Recording - Introduction by Leslie Gibson  involvement with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, RCMP in British Columbia, Leslie moved to Hamilton Ontario and reports about further harassment by the Children's Aid Society of Ontario and their dirty tricks to intimidate, ... 

Audio Source:

- - - .m4a

Further information:

According to this Sergeant and Detective, they feel perfectly comfortable with Negligence of their "Duty to Inform", along with the original Fabrication of information, which has been ongoing since 2012. 

As a result, there has been a great deal of Retaliation, Fabrication, Corruption and Collusion. It only takes one bad one to make them all look bad, yet from all appearances, the "bad" ones seem to be thick here in Hamilton. 

Hamilton police have had me followed and stolen a data stick I used at public library to destroy evidence I had collected since my first one was stolen. I had Christina Gauvin of CRA illegal sieze my bank acct in 2013 without one stick of paperwork for unpaid student loans. She also my also changed my name without my knowledge or consent in order to deny me my tax refund of $1298.00 for 2013. Their excuse, HPS n CAS has been that its evidence. My stolen property should be returned, and although the Sgt. didn't deny having them, he refused to have them returned. I never submitted them as any kind of "evidence", so they are stolen property.

CAS, OW, HPS all shelters, all service providers ALL colluding. May long weekend 2014, after being forced into shelter by HPS Promotion of Hate with everyone. HPS has hampered and Slandered me from almost day 1. Preventing me from being able to obtain/maintain employment. I am disabled but knew in BC the only reason I couldn't get a job was because of MCFD colluding with social assistance to keep me unemployed force us onto assistance to fabricate. Anyways May 2014 long weekend, City of Hamilton was to have room booked at Admiral Inn, after using a shelter to make sure Id checked out of original room. As soon as this was done, and i was advised we could check in to the Admiral Inn, which they knew wouldn't be until almost 7 that evening, Irine Viola of the City of Hamilton, cancelled our room after fabricating my son and I had damaged the room even though there was no damage to our room. Ed Allan and I got it recorded by the hotel manager telling us repeatedly that Irine was pretty much lying and there was no damage at all to my n my son's room. Rob Mastrioni Irine Viola's mgr denied Irine had threatened me the day before with CAS, then threw us out on the street that night. It was May long weekend and I knew only two persons in Hamilton, Ed Allan and Mary Lou Janinga. Thankfully they put us up in a cheap motel, which was almost $500, and I had to spend my child tax to make sure my son had food, clean clothes and made it to school.

In 2015, Wanda Bielak, principal for my son's school falsely accused him of starting a fire, he was present, but not involved. CST. Dave Hamilton was used to intimidate my son. I attended the school the next morning to address the situation n what happened to have her avoid me. For two weeks this went on and when I asked her to repeat her story, it was fabricated further. CST. Dave Hamilton was beyong angry that I had conted Chief Glen DeCaire in regards to the intimidation done n used by school.

My son is 16 now so all they can do is criminally harass him at school. Its caused him to change. He stays him with me where its safe. I know and he knows they are violating us. I've also told him that in the event something like this ever happens again, hes to refuse to talk at all to any of them.

He's been a good kid all his life. MCFD in BC began shaming n embarrassing him in kindergarten because they refused to remove statements from the permanent record that RCMP members aren't legally allowed to make.
All of tho began because we relocated.
We have that Right under the Charter.

The Hamilton Police have had OW investigating me for Fraud since March 8, 2012, in order to go to potential employers and one where I was actually employed for $14 p/hr plus nice benefits, to Slander me to them. It cost me the job in 2013. Forcing us back omto OW. Rob Brown of OW also Defamed me on record fabricating an allegation that I had someone living with me when that was not true and there is no evidence to support this. An excuse for HPS to target and further Criminally Harass us.

I've been put through 2fraud investigations between 2012 n 2014, that I'm aware of and in 2014, was suspended 5times in 31 days by OW, twice for something the worker said she would get.

There is information showing up on OW I've never provided, such as my maiden name Gibson.

That's only the beginning though. There is so much.

Because I am always corruptly under investigation, crimes committed against us I can't report. Ensuring repeated victimization
City of Hamilton has offered no compensation for their actions, nor have HPS even though they have Defaming and Framing my son and I since 2012


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