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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada

Family Court Case Introduction

2/18/2016 5:58:13 PM
Phone Audio Recording

Family Court Case Introduction

May 08 2016
430 PM

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Schedule DateTimeSubjectTypeAudienceConfirmedLink
August 02 2017Daytime 1PM - openComputer and phone hackers and corruption in the justice system.Phone introduction - Web page additionAuthenticatedFalse
Week of `20th June - 25th 2016to be announcendFamily Court Case IntroductionPhone audio record - Web page additionPublicFalse
June 03 20161130AM - 1230PMMy 30 year old CAS file - 100 years of child abuse the Society has knowingly hiddenPhone audio record - Web page additionPublicTrue
May 15,16,17, or after May 21 2016After 7:30 PMPA. Family court Medical, Manitoba Family Court Case introductionPhone audio record - Web page additionPublicFalse
Monday May 09 201610:30 AMFamily Court systematic erasing the fatherPhone audio record - web page additionAuthenticatedTrue
Friday April 29 2016After 8:30 PMFamily Court Case IntroductionPhone Conversation - Recorded Audio - Web Page additionAuthenticatedTrue
Thursday April 21 2016after 7 30 PMFamily Court abusing the failing family act to deprive the children of their fatherPhone Conversation - Recorded Audio - Web Page additionAuthenticatedTrue
April 16 2016after 7:30 PMtalking advocacy, Court and upcoming protestsTalking advocacy, Court and upcoming protestsAuthenticatedFalse
7:30 PM 2 hrsFamily Court Case IntroductionPhone chatAuthenticatedTrue
Evenings Saturday April 16 2016After 7:30 PMFamily Court Case IntroductionPhone Conversation - Recorded Audio - Web Page additionPublicFalse
March 25 or 26 2016630 PM - or laterFamily Court Case Introduction I never even knew that evil like this could thrive on earthPhone conversation brainsyntax introductionPrivateFalse
April 04 201610:00 PM Eastern 7 PM PacificFamily Court case introduction - Supreme Court of British ColumbiaPhone Conversation - Recorded Audio - Web Page additionPublicFalse
18th or 19th day of March 2016to be schedueledIntroduction Phone callPhone Audio Web Page Addition - IntroductionPrivateFalse
Saturday March 12 20164:30 PM Ontario CanadaFather cries as son endured abuse under watch of the Algoma Children's AidPhone Conversation - Recorded Audio - Web Page additionPublicTrue
Friday March 11 20169:30 PMMCFD, RCMP to CAS Ontario harassing terrified mother - IntroductionPhone Conversation - Recorded Audio - Web Page additionPublicTrue
June 07 2016Not confirmed My kids will never know the sacrifice, the tears the sheer will it took to get through thisPhone Conversation / Recorded Audio - Web Page AdditionAuthenticatedFalse
Tuesday February 23 20168:00 PM - 9:30 PMAlienated fathers talking about Parental Alienation Phone Conversation / Recorded Audio - Web Page AdditionPublicTrue
24 February 20161:30 PM - 3PMParental Alienation and the lasting Impact on the ChildrenPhone Audio RecordingAuthenticatedTrue
May 08 2016430 PMFamily Court Case IntroductionPhone Audio RecordingAuthenticatedFalse
Thursday 03.03 20167pm 15 or 730 PMThe Other way, the Westminster way of LawPhone Audio RecordingAuthenticatedTrue
Thursday 03.03 20167 30 PMFamily Courts Obstruction of JusticePhone Audio RecordingAuthenticatedFalse