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Email conversation Steven Olsen to Christina Jane Olsen

Thursday, August 22, 2013 - ToWhomItMayConcern - Olsen Christina - Exposed lies and abusers

open email conversation between the mother and all her family and myself
From: Steve  To: Christina  , Subject: Re: Step Two- A Better Explanation

Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2007 17:06:18 -0800
Why the hell are you doing this? Do you really thrive on making the family crazy with your drama? You left us. Why do you continue to cause such heartache with the family!?!?!? I know you've had some rough times, as have I. But I have taken full ownership when I screwed up. To you, it's everyone else's fault that you're fucked up. Never once have you owned up to yourself and admitted wrongdoing. You put yourself into your predicaments and cry victim so someone swoops in and saves you. Its usually me, and for that I feel a bit abused. Whenever you're not happy with your present situation you concoct some big dramatic pile of crap to make you look like a victim. Then you bite the hand that feeds you.

I miss you and love you. But you need some serious help to deal with your demons. Why the hell didn't you just pack up and leave like a normal person? Because you were wasted. You called me bombed (trust me I know your voice) in the afternoon and said you wanted to go to dinner. I find out later you were wasted out of your tree at the SpeakEasy bragging that you're skipping town to go to montreal after mom and I were sleeping. Nice decision. Who do you think would hold you back if you simply wanted to move out? You lived at mom's by choice. You chose it. Yeah, it's rough being 34 and living at home. Believe me, i'm there. But it's warm and safe and there's always food and company. A far cry from where you came from.

I've rescued you from Vincent when you called me and told me he was going to kill you. YOU told me to call the police. Shortly thereafter you said he came at you with a knife. That turns out to be a bullshit story you concocted for more attention when he came home and found you in bed with another guy. Good move.

As for the arrest in North Bay, what the hell do you think I would do after you messaged me that you wanted to come home, then Vince calls and won't let me talk to you just to see if you're alright? That's where love comes in, sister. Understand that. I was sick to my stomach thinking that you weren't alright. So don't EVEN make that out to be a bad thing. You have NO idea the grief you've caused. Vacation schmacation! You don't skip town at 4am for a simple vacation. Come on, don't be such a loser thinking we're buying that.

You consistently lied to me over and over again. I don't know what to believe coming out of your mouth anymore. BUt rest assured I'm no longer going to help you out if you call. You have hurt the family so much, including our 90 year old Grandmother who loves you so much you will never know. You have consistently abused the whole family with your dramatics and this is going to stop here and now.

And the bullshit you are feeding with this letter to everyone is just that. And I hope that they all realize it.

When you are ready to face the fact that the beginning of your life was fucked up because of you and you alone, we'll talk.

I still love you unconditionally but the bullshit drama crap has to stop. Cant u just be normal for like one second? I think you can. Have a nice life without us. We miss you but we don't know who you are.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Christina "


To: <joannaolsen@cogeco.ca ; <steve_olsen@shaw.ca ; <suzanneolsen@shaw.ca ;

<o1o4@hotmail.com ; <rjp218@hotmail.com ; <kpunch@sympatico.ca ;

<jamepunc@vianet.ca ; <jamepunc@inorth.on.ca ; <kylepunch@gmail.com ;

<s_punch@hotmail.com ; <angemsmith@gmail.com ; <starratt@sympatico.ca ;

<michaeljyorke@gmail.com ; <bjyorke@yahoo.com ; <yorkemj@shaw.ca ;


Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 12:08 PM

Subject: Step Two- A Better Explanation

I've had some time to really mull over things and would like to give a slightly more in-depth explanation.

The whole premise of rehab is to rehabilitate someone from abusing a substance that has taken over they're life--a substance that ha grabbed a hold of someone so tight that it is all the person sees, wants, craves, and works hardest to get. It's to get their spirit back. Where was the Camilla House offer when I was truly out of control from 1990 to 2005?

I have been in and out of counselling for years, trying to face things that most people would just hide from and allow to hinder their future endeavours. Dad's death, which isn't even comemmorated, drinking, drugs, rape, assault with a deadly weapon, hostage victim, suicide, to name a few. This is not a simple task, it involves peeling away layers in a slow methodical process. I have given up many times because the pain can be quite overbearing and the burden too large. I count myself as lucky to have survived at all.

During my last attempt, my counsellor was exceptional. He said I had the survival instincts of a champion, however, it was time to come to terms with the pain- not just mask it. Not to use drugs, or alcohol, or any other form of self-abuse to punnish myself. He taught me that disassociation is good in traumatic circumstances but issues must be faced. And progress was good.

However, the fact that Suzanne cleaned my room with a fine tooth comb, screened my phonecalls, insisted to know where I was, and with whom at all times was way over any parent/adult-child boundaries. She came in my room one night, at 4:30am, screaming "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU ALL NIGHT??!!! WITH VINCENT!!???" She woke me from a dead sleep. My response was "In bed, Mom. I was home at 12:30pm from coffee with the girls. You were sound asleep when I got home, so I didn't wake you up". Rather off the top. I know she was concerned and understood why, but no progress was made in communication. She only listens to what she wants to hear.
I felt like I was under house arrest from the time I moved in until I left. I do not want to work at a call centre all day, come home, go to bed, and get up and go to work the next day. My mother seems to think this is a normal life. I beg to differ. Felt like prison.

And about the the manor in which I left, it was one of the stupidest moves I've ever pulled, and will not attempt to justify it. Unfortunately, I did exactly the opposite of what I had learned over the months. I ran- I didn't face. But we were not high on drugs, we all just decidied to leave. I was the group leader that changed her mind by Blind River. I needed a vacation so badly, and so did Vince and Jean-Paul. This rash decision I regret, but will have to live with it. I have full ownership to it.

As for the calling of the police to arrest and incarcerate Vincent in North Bay. Totally unacceptable. This has now cost me personally over $800- money I don't have. Vincent had to travel back to North Bay once already. This was the lowest blow that I would have ever imagined even from one of those disgusting white-trash Jerry Springer families. 6 police cruisers waiting for us in front of the hotel. And for what? I had the condition of non-communication dropped for this very reason. So you couldn't do this, Mom. The extra ostacles will only make me stronger.

I know that I have not chosen a life of drinking and abuse from Vincent. He has no criminal record dating back to Germany. That is a lie. His mother converted into a Jehovah's Witness when he was very young. He had to chose at the young age of fourteen between continuing to practise this religion, or go out on his own. He lived in group homes and was educated. Some places were castles, some were quite the opposite. He got in a bit of trouble as a young teenager, but who wouldn't in his circumstances? Upon meeting all of you, he really had the opportunity to see the love of a truly close-knit family. He let his guard down with me. I taught him unconditional love. He had never really felt it before in his life. He cherrished me, at first, but then he became terrified that someone was going to take me away from him. that was when everything got so out of control. His fear and insecurities overrode his kind gentle ways. I take half the responsibility though. I was raised much better than I acted. We were both roughnecks. He has come a long way and has shown me his love is true. He gave me my space when I asked for it, although he never gave up on his love. Since he has quit drugs, and is currently in sepeate counselling which he discusses with me thoroughly. The true Vince I fell in love with has shone right back through. I am far from a silly romantic- I BELIEVE him. I believe that Vincent and I will prove to everyone what love and understanding can do to conquer blind, misinformed judgement. k I have. I am a different person than I was in September. I'm not a scared little girl with her life spiralling around her out of control. The tornado is over and my feet are ever so firmly planted on the ground, regardless of what my mother has told you.

She has no idea what is going on in my heart. And soon she will have no choice but to let her walls come down a bit for all her children, in order to develop normal adult relationships. I tried to be honest, I told her everything. She can't get over the events. My mistakes. My errors. What about my feelings? I have no credibility in her eyes, and for that I'mvery very sad.

I don't expect a response from anyone. I hope you all had at least the decency to read what I have wrote.

I love you all anyway. And really miss you, too. Especially you, Mom.

Love, Christina


- Exposed lies and abusers
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The words of a Explanation in 2007 by the acuser

Subject: Step Two- A Better Explanation (the mother)

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Re Email conversation Sat 03 Mar 2007 Hours 1706

important the accuser speaking about her past and specifi... Vincent
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