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September 21 2020

Take our son from us loving parents right away without even offering kinship
Alison Spa audience: Public
Child Family Services Review Board ( CFSRB) -in writing to CAS for things like reasons ...
Waterloo Regional Pig Service is one of the most cowardly CA$ ass licking Pig Services in Canada
Linda Reynolds audience: Public
  all i can say is, i'd vote durham cops! even MORE si...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / title to be edited
for Fathers Rights Alberta Heard Frank on Calgary 770 I enjoyed your interview and ...
Re: Claims of raising child alone were a lie Dad was fighting too see child withheld from alienating mother
Jets4Life audience: Public
So glad she was exposed for what she did to you. You give us all hope that one day we w...
Re Father Rights Canada / I've seen my daughter maybe 10 times in 19 years
Riley Stilling audience: Public
Contact EVERY elected body in and of government pertaining to your city, province and f...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Lawsuit against the Algoma CAS Children's Aid Society Sault Ste Marie Ontario 2019
Nancy McDonald
audience: Authenticated Login and access Lawsuit against the Algoma CAS Children's Aid Society Sault Ste Marie Ontario 2019

FYI Christina Jane Olsen and Suzanne Olsen from Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada are emot...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Desperate need of advice
Christopher John Summers
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Lies are accepted as facts. These people know how to play the game. Flip it around on t...
Re: Feel like Im being extorted She cant afford to take care of herself but wants a child
Karen Tokar
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If she is having testing for abnormalities a DNA test should be able to be done too? (I'm ...
Constantin L.
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Without Prejudice The children in Canada are commodities and the Canadian government se...
Re: How do i report a judge?
James Kobe
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Report biased judges to the bar assosiation. Its the only body that has jurisdiction ov...
Re: Brent Blair Sault CA$ interrogating child with questions cops are not permitted to ask
Lionel Fleury
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This piece of work also deals with my boy. He hides well as I've never seen him in the ...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited
Nick lund
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https://www.gofundme.com/nd-technologies-needs-your-help Contact Location: Canada Alber...
Define to me, Justice? Ex Childrens Aid Senior Lawyer is about to be sworn in

audience: Authenticated Login and access Define to me, Justice? Ex Childrens Aid Senior Lawyer is about to be sworn in

Justice Kathleen Baker was recently appointed to the bench following the retirement of ...
Re: YOU HARASS Viorica Lungu using this site to slander her under phoney names!!

audience: Public

Let's meet in front of the Police Station and justify with your real name, not "Sugarbe...
These malices greed and corruption are founded by your ignorance
Joseph Kenick III
audience: Public

I can not in good moral conscious financially support with one dollar, nor in any way f...

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Thursday, September 10, 2020 - CAS - family - Family Justice

So a little update... My son L....was stolen at birth straight from the hospital based on an assault by someone else. Turns out he is the illegitimate son of a conservative MLA.......he used his position to keep his abusive illegitimate son out of jail and illegally adopt out a child with no paperwork whatsoever. To find out after all this, that the people who claim to be in the best interests of children are lying child traffickers. I'm no criminal, I'm not guilty or accused of anything. I have my other children, we've taken parenting classes, C...... is an amazing stepmother to my children, we thought through and prepared to have our little boy, our home was inspected for N....... We have always been prepared for our children. We even watch our MLAs niece and nephew regularly, sleepovers as well. We have letters of recommendation from family and friends. Support from MLAs, MPs and advocates. Justice Scott Abel was C...... judge for the child abuse registry (switched last minute even though it says Menzies on file) he also knows I'm not involved in this but upholds it because of that intervention. Charging her with failing to protect her daughter only cements what happened. That charge also does not stop her from having a family in the future, in fact justice Menzies stated C...... could have N..... back once shes completed counseling to address the abuse. C..... has completed counseling to address the abuse from J......, still in physiotherapy recovering from the abuse years later, we've passed our home inspection twice now by two different agencies. N.... was to be returned. His name appears on every docket yet didn't have to appear 10 times without being arrested??? My son L....was stolen to cover their asses. He was taken 3hours away at birth, 10 different placements, 10 different formulas. Cfs starved my son (documented) They brought him numerous times with bruising (ex. facial) I ask simple questions that nobody wants to answer because they dont want to be accountable for their actions (judges, lawyers, social workers etc) I really don't care if anyone wants to be accountable for what they've done, they created this situation and they can fix it. 495 million for the children in CFS "care" just in Manitoba last year. Agencies are broke because most of the funding goes to pay the lawyers judges psychologists social workers bailiffs stenographers etc in every community in Canada. That's why they don't want to change it. It pays them. We were a driving force behind bill C-92. Robert Falcon Oullette spoke on Chantelles behalf in the house of commons. We had a hand in ending birth alerts in Manitoba too. "Trial" was May 25-29th, there was no social distancing or masks, child trafficking was more important to them. CFS admitted under oath that they apprehended my son based on an assault by JH. Cfs admitted under oath that they intended to force an innocent man (myself) into supervised visitation. We destroyed CFS in court. My son L.... returned finally. There are no words for how hurt I am. All of this to cover their asses. No words for how disgusted I am with our "justice" system.
- Family Justice
last update
Thursday, September 10, 2020
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