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August 02 2021

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Searching for my children

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A women's claim is powerful than man's evidence - CAS abuses fathers rights to support their own agenda

Thursday, August 6, 2020 - FamilyServices - David James - CAS Ontario~My Experience

CAS abuse, demonization of men, reluctance to help, coverup, CAS negligence

I have most recently experienced first hand the negligent and dismissing behaviour from several employees at the Elliot Lake CAS office, when I followed it up to the Sault Saint Marie Office, they covered up the whole situation and railroaded me to get to anyone who would investigate the firing of their employee, my "worker", who did not investigate properly nor follow protocols and procedures when I reported my wife's abuse of my and my children.

Fathers need to be aware of the the CAS works, and how it relates to outcomes in Family Court.

Sadly In today's society women are still portrayed as victims in relationships with or without domestic violence. Women's actions are not considered equal to a males, and if a women was to hit a man it is always spun to her advantage as being self defence or excused because of temporary stresses or even her "baby blues" causing hormonal imbalances and mental health issues.


Why? Why does this happen?


The answer is simple... the agenda of CAS has stemmed from Women's protection and Women's rights. This organization uses the cloak of "children's aid" to support women, rightfully or not, as it follows THEIR agenda that women are the only victims in home with family violence.


I was told I was going to be charged with failure to report, the issues and behaviours I WAS and HAD reported.

But in the end the CAS worker Chris Ebby was fired, and I had no closure for the case, nor any support from the CAS when it came time to attend family court.

The CAS left me in a worse position that when I started. This organization and the people working for it act with immunity and impunity. They wrong me, and my family and I got nothing but bureaucratic excuses and cover ups from the supervisor and area supervisors.


As a result my wife's abuse was ignored, I had nothing to bring to the courts due to the delays with the CAS process and lack of any support, intervention or even a conclusion letter. This organization in my opinion is a fraud and is self serving to maintain their control in their manipulation of their own "investigations" and work policies. In short, they have created a system that functions to continue their own employment,regardless of who or if they actually help anyone at all.  


How do we say we live in a world of equality if women are the only ones' with rights?

How do we protect our children if men are ignored and denied equal opportunity and resources to support them?


 What future of a fair chance in this system, do our male children have in a society that has already labelled them the abusers, aggressors or perpetrators in a relationship before they have even entered grade school? 

The answer is little to none.

As long as men are demonized as being the abusers and BUSINESSES like the CAS that receive government funding to perform their own "investigations' with no outside scrutiny or reporting measures, ensures they will not be accountable for their actions and will continue to do whatever they want as long as it supports their regimes agenda and supports their employment.


What they are doing is perpetuating an old stereotype that only Men can be abusers...and is causing more damage, pain and suffering to men and our young boys than good.


Stop the CAS, report their mismanagement of YOUR case to the authorities, schools, and MP's.



David James - a father robbed of his children, a fair investigation and justice.


- CAS Ontario~My Experience
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Thursday, August 6, 2020
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