Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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August 10 2020

RICHARD MARCEAU I accuse you publicly of the assistance and direct abuse of my son
Joyce Daigle audience: Public
Sadly I am not surprised by this at all.  My son has sustained more physical injur...
C.A.S. Does not care about your children or you - unless it makes them money!
Children Aid Society of Algoma audience: Public
In July 2012 in a desperate act, I dragged my husband to Children’s Aid Society o...
PAS Victim of Parental Child Alienation survey for victims of parental alienation Study 2014
The Love And Iron Project Gil Freeman audience: Public
Study about parental alienation, which is when of one or both parents actively estrange...
Got this letter of my son today guess its time to give up!
Ruth Walker audience: Public
I have had similar treatment too as have so many of us Do not give up. Protect your hea...
Enough sitting around getting back into the swing of helping families with CA$ bullshit
Vincent Schiele The Hon. Mr. Justice J. deP. Wright audience: Public
Here's a good case for parents facing losing their children to a Crown Ward order. Plea...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Father Rights Canada / I have not seen my four-year-old twins in over 3 months.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I have not seen my four-year-old twins in over 3 months. I am first responder that is reti...
Re: A woman so manipulative insecure jealous and spiteful
Edith Johnston
audience: Public

Good luck praying for you guys .... Nobody should not be allowed to see there own child
Understanding And Dealing With Parental Alienation

audience: Public

The following article is a collaboration between Linda Gottlieb and Joan T Kloth Zanard...
Equality all such things are not in the best interest of the lawmakers
Teresa Duncan Vincent Schiele
audience: Public

Yes, this is a familiar story, also abused  and I have friends and associates were...
Father Rights Canada / I am a father of a 19 year old.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

  Question.? I am a father of a 19 year old who's n...
C. Brauer & V.Harris Canadas Court System is Corrupt
Connie Brauer and Vic Harris
audience: Public

Do you think Canadian judges should be elected? Canada’s Court System is Corrupt ...
Police Services assisting the Children s Aid Society apprehensions incident documentation
audience: Public

Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada Children Aid Society CAS, FACS, SCAS, are NOT what they ...
False Allegations of Domestic Violence the Truth
Josie Robillard
audience: Authenticated Login and access False Allegations of Domestic Violence the Truth

I disagree. I am a woman, non-violent and was and is Caretaker of my family. I was viol...
Family Law Court Abused and Ridiculed
Heather Korzinski
audience: Public

I was entertained listening to an audio recording earlier today. I do hope that you gai...

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Father Rights Canada / Looking for a family lawyer in Niagara

Friday, July 24, 2020 - Fathers - Not disclosed - Fathers Rights Canada

Looking for a family lawyer in Niagara. Any help would be appreciated.

Contact Location: Ontario Canada

- Fathers Rights Canada
last update
Friday, July 24, 2020
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