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August 10 2020

Re: Loving Father told by Judge R. Kwolek he is of no benefit to his 10 year old son
James Leibrecht audience: Public
Wow, I'm sorry brother, and my heart grieves for you and all the true men who are apart of...
as per section 2(2) of the CFSA duties of service providers
Chris Carter audience: Authenticated Login and access as per section 2(2) of the CFSA duties of service providers
recieved a call today from a lady I don't even know she got my final court order in the...
Re: Deprived Alienated and Indoctrinated child tells loving devoted Father to F off Audio linked
James Brown audience: Public
This is absolutely the worst form of child abuse. It is very common and it is virtually...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Has anyone ever been successful with perjury or contempt charges against your ex?
Jessey Quenneville audience: Public
Michael James Beattie not in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Verified In fact, there i...
Re: OCJ Obstruction of Justice I refuse to take these truths to my grave like my poor father was forced too
Trena Thompson audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: OCJ Obstruction of Justice I refuse to take these truths to my grave like my poor father was forced too
18 years ago I was assaulted by a 'family' member. Two years ago CAS made notes allowin...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
That the courts and all have pushed these fathers to their deaths
Caesar J. B. Squitti
audience: Public

The corruption against men in general, also includes an agenda, a hidden political agen...
Re: Zdenek Hanzlik died after setting himself alight Zdenek had been protesting Family Court issues
Jimmy Alden Zdenek Hanzlik
audience: Public

i can feel this pain , i prayed for death daily when the courts allowed the mother of m...
Vindictive lying ex Christina Jane Olsen from Sault Ste Marie
Joe Falco
audience: Public

24 minutes in and all sounds too familiar. easily can tell when she's lying - she start...
Friday 01 March 2013 phone call
audience: Authenticated Login and access Friday 01 March 2013 phone call

Friday 01 2013  709pm scheduled phone call no good night rights for P...
Do I give the Judge and Registrar a binder of documents like I provide to opposing counsel

audience: Public

Hi there. I am wondering if you could put the question out as I am in court Monday. In ...
Father Rights Canada / I`m a soon to be single father
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hey there, I’m a soon to be single father living in Markh...
Bargening for five extra minutes with their loved ones denied 2 be with Mama CAS tried everything
Chris Carter
audience: Authenticated Login and access Bargening for five extra minutes with their loved ones denied 2 be with Mama CAS tried everything

Ugly dangerous violent CA$ filth.  "i just want to go home. i want my m...
Trying to set the record straight. It is like climbing up a large razor blade
One Dedicated Teacher
audience: Public

Her Side (My Side -Silenced) and Now The Truth! In the past, I have been shamed of...
Father Rights Canada / The problem I find is with my ex’s tax return;
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I’m a 38 yr old divorced father with equal shared parenting time. The problem I find is ...
Re: Sault Ste Marie Ontario narcissistic ex manipulating the criminal justice system to gain advantage in Family Court
Jamiee Outforself Cleaves
audience: Public

Wow and they really get away with this our laws has to change for the best of our child...

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Father Rights Canada /Im in need of assistance to file complaints on both cps and a psychiatrist

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 - Fathers - Jered Gene Alex Sagodi - Fathers Rights Canada

Im in need of assistance to file complaints on both cps and a psychiatrist who colluded into forcing me to take a "medication" that just gave me access to my daughter(not guaranteeing custody) which i was not informed of the damage to my health the drug can cause. My daughter was kept away from me by her mother and then she gave my daughter to her boyfriend who miraculously lost her to cps in calgary shortly after he learned he was not the father. I learned of these events and contacted calgary cps unforced to offer my dna for testing resulting in a match. She was transferred to a foster home in edmonton near where i reside shortly after at which point approximately a 4 year war started with edmonton cps over custody of my daughter. Two different lawyers from legal aid on advice of the court gave no assistance but took my money costing over $3000.00 between the two of them destroying my faith in lawyers. I continued the war on my own reluctantly complying with these "proffesional's" (government officials) demands to gain custody of my daughter. After pleading to be takin off this so called medication which gave no help mentally like i was told it would and diminished my health and parenting abilities to no avail, my daughter volunteered to stay in custody so i could refuse this treatment and violation of my rights so i had a chance to care for her past the point she would age out of foster care.

I informed these government officials this strategy and they finally agreed to allow discontinuation of the treatment and maintaining custody...with stipulations...that have been compromised by the covide pandemic, causing concern. But my main concern is the ill effect the treatment had on my body, health, and mentality and that these effects have not subsided from stopping their treatment leaving me with diminished capacity and challenges parenting i otherwise would not have had. I fear discussing my issues with them where they may rescind my custody. I wish to file complaints against both parties only to find myself in a loophole where they are protected. The psychiatrist complaint requires proof the drug caused ill effect when i was told it wouldnt but my health wasnt monitored as i was not informed it should be and im told cps can disregard anyone's rights for any reason and there's diddely i can do about it. Fortunately i maintained enough composure and logic to maintain a working relationship with cps and replaced the psychiatrist which allowed me to gain custody with sole parenting rights and sole guardianship as the mother forfeited her rights in court. Now the mother has retained a lawyer who contacted me on her behalf who left me a voicemail with little info and i have not returned the call. Mainly because im not obligated to and im trying to keep the shelfish and abusive chick who i think may have even colluded with the police to trump up bogus charges on me away from us and not allowing her to continue her destructive and abusive behavior. Any help, advice, tips i could get regarding this matter?...i even tried to file a complaint against one of the legal aid lawyers who went against my wishes and made a deal with the director which gave the director pgo granted they give custody to my parents in ontario and the director paid for moving expenses to ontario.

My parents were unfit as i tried explaining to the lawyer and i wouldnt have been able to afford living on dissability out there like i am able to here in alberta...im on dissability for mental health issues even though when this all started i was attempting to live a normal life and trying to maintain employment(with little success, was bounced from job to job for various reasons)...but the lawyer webt ahead with the deal, against my wishes and so i lost custody as the director was granted a temporary pgo pending an evaluation of my parent's ability to raise my daughter, which he never mentioned, and they failed granting the director pgo...i filed one year and one month later as per the regulations for the pgo to be rescinded and was they rescinded it giving me full rights and sole custody. Only to have cps take my child again about six months later because i learned the devastating effect the medication was having on my health and causing issues regarding parenting as i briefly mentioned...the law society found in favor of this crook of a lawyer in my complaint and my appeal...so my rights have been violated left, right, and centre, my health has been diminished any my attempts to complain and seek retribution are going nowhere. How do you fight back with these people, or are we really forced to be at their mercy with no true justification and forced to lick our wounds from the war and be greatful with custody no matter the cost? I look forward to hearing what any of you have to say regarding this nightmare, thankfully my child is a great kid giving some solace in finally getting her but with concerns of diminished health and threat from the mother trying to regain her rights.



780 729 0979

forgettensagodi@hotmail.com or


Contact Location: Canada Alberta edmonton

- Fathers Rights Canada
last update
Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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