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October 28 2020

Is there anyone who can provide support on filing an emergency motion?
John Ranger audience: Public
Absolutely, but you will need an attorney to represent you. a good one. Someone who act...
False Allegations of Domestic Violence the Truth
Tanis Kucher audience: Public
So sickening! We managed to fight a false emergency protection order. However even goin...
I feel my son could be in danger by his mother due to the fact that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder
Chris Gray Sr. audience: Public
Fighting For Father's Rights because mine are being violated. I have a 7 month old son ...
Press Conference on Thursday January 30th at 2p.m
Lee Bolton audience: Authenticated Login and access Press Conference on Thursday January 30th at 2p.m
The Lawyers for this Law Firm will be holding a Press Conference on Thursday January 30...
Father Rights Canada / Desperate need of advice
Not disclosed audience: Public
I am in desperate need of advice. I have been estranged from my children for almost 3 year...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Asking to talk to say Good night too your Mom
Vincent Schiele
audience: Public

Michaela was very adamant "she has to call her mom " she announced "Mom told me I have ...
Children's Aid of Algoma destroyed 1000's of families and children here in the Sault Sainte Marie
audience: Public

 Expose Lock City Dairy for doing this with CAS "Fremlin said the Children's ...
It hurts me, to be 30 years old, and not know my real father, but he has waited, missed, and loved me from a far
The Fathers Rights Movement
audience: Public

I was the "child" in the matter, I am 30 years old now. I had known I didn't fit in my ...
Father Rights Canada /Im looking for a recommendation for a lawyer in the London area.
audience: Public

Im looking for a recommendation for a lawyer in the London area. Someone who...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Support order mother quit working and on welfare
Rene Gelinas
audience: Public

Corrupt Court system!! FRO tells the fathers that they cannot close a file unless it has a...
Re: Justice Review Committee
Alan Charles
audience: Public

What's the criteria for having your committee look at an OCL?
The Tide Has Turned for The Falsely Accused of Sexual Abuse: A Christian Perspective Robert G. Huebner
audience: Public

It begins with the issues of false memory. I had heard of this phenomenon in the late 8...
Children win legal right to see both parents after divorce
audience: Public

Children are for the first time to be given the legal right to have a proper relationsh...
Bias feminism agenda invested more than $62 million to end violence against women & asking for more
Fathers in Action
audience: Public

Bias feminism agenda to destroy more families. Alienate and jail more fathers. More mon...

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Father Rights Canada / Hey please when will court open again?

Monday, June 15, 2020 - Fathers - Not disclosed - Fathers Rights Canada

Hey please when will court open again? Just when I put my papers together to submit for my divorce that is when lockdown started. I really need to get this done so I can start my life again looking after my son alone is not easy for me in this country no family just me and my son. If you have idea when court will re open again for divorce let me know. Thanking you in advance.

Prince. Newmarket city.

Contact Location: Ontario Canada

- Fathers Rights Canada
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Monday, June 15, 2020
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