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April 05 2020

Re: Re: Re child tells Father to F off - daughter asks Red Deer Alberta Police for assistance to leave
Randy Winkler audience: Public
William Gaidies i think are exs are related. same situation. bit her accusations were a...
Tuesday phone call - mothers indoctrination and white wash campaigns
Vincent Schiele M audience: Public
make up phone call at 615pm  Mother was in school to make sure the te...
Re: Father Rights Canada / bullied by her and her lawyer into setting section 7
Nadine LaRiviere audience: Public
Suggestion make sure she has to have your written consent if she seeks contribution. As...
Re Real Woman respect Fathers Rights
Steve Schauland audience: Public
Feminists are not fighting for equal rights ...That's a huge, fat and ugly lie like the...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Then I told the judge he was a piece of shit as I walked out the door
Julie French
audience: Authenticated Login and access Then I told the judge he was a piece of shit as I walked out the door

So the update to my court case on Tuesday. I have been devastated to write until now so...
Re: Do I give the Judge and Registrar a binder of documents like I provide to opposing counsel
Mackenzie Phillips
audience: Public

I have seen both done in court ..but for a trial from my experience u need to have docu...
I was promised i could come join them and share custody and a life with them
Sebastien Moore
audience: Public

My son was recently taken from from my ex from switzerland to montreal canada. I was pr...
Dirty lies and tactics used by custodial moms
Stacey Murello
audience: Public

I saw so many women lie on men while I was in the army. If caught lying they should be ...
Canada Court Watch Opening of the Courts 2012 Toronto Ontario
Vernon Beck
audience: Public

at the Opening of the Courts Inter-Denominational Church Service in Toronto, Ontario a ...
CAS dictates parents who would like to see kid need to do a boundery course or parenting course
Canada Court Watch
audience: Public

I have a question what should a person do when the Children's Aid Society want the fami...
Change of income FRO deduction update
Not disclosed
audience: Public

What is the easiest way to inform FRO (Family Responsibility Office) of a change of inc...
Suzanne Olsen My thoughts are with you my friend..I wrote your name as a survivor
Bonny McLean Suzanne Olsen My thoughts are with you my friend..I wrote your name as a survivor
audience: Authenticated Login and access Suzanne Olsen My thoughts are with you my friend..I wrote your name as a survivor

Suzanne Olsen My thoughts are with you my friend..I wrote your name as a survivor ...
(MEP) maintenance enforcement makes their money from
Ronni Cohan
audience: Public

so guys I figured out how maintenance enforcement makes their money, not only do they k...
Re: Ontario Crown Ward Class Action Community
Catherine Madof
audience: Public


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Parents Canada / I got my kids back!

Saturday, March 7, 2020 - CAS - Mother - OCL - Fathers Rights Canada

I would just like to share that even with CAS trying to get Mom full custody and access. I got my kids back! It was the OCL and my relationship with my kids that saved me. We are still in court because she is involved with The Big Red Machine/81. It has taken 5 years, every friend I have ever had, and 1 of my sisters(unfortunately she wants the "hook up" more than her family), but knowing how much my kids want to be with keep me going. Now days instead of being pushed around by cops and thugs, the police are helping me.

Stay strong! Broken bones heal, you WILL meet new people. The look on your kids face when they see that you didn't stop till they got what they wanted is priceless. ??

Contact Location: Ontario Canada

- Fathers Rights Canada
last update
Saturday, March 7, 2020
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