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April 03 2020

I hate everyone that is involved in the alienation of my children from me
FRANCIS DEAN audience: Public
That is the way here in Ontario. Reward the mothers for bad behaviors (not all are bad,...
re file format
audience: Authenticated Login and access re file format
yes this particular movie comes direct of the iphone,  ther are 2.5 gig...
It just sucks watching my daughter sufer cuz of her moms anger
Canada Court Watch audience: Public
my ex and i split up in october of 2012 since then things have gotten considerably wors...
I would be with you every moment but unlike your mom I am a second rate citizen
Jeremy Perez audience: Public
I love you and I miss you. Like your mom I want you to have a nutritious breakfast. Lik...
Nelson Mandela Following His Life Sentence In 1964
audience: Public
On June 12, 1964, Nelson Mandela and other members of the African National Congress wer...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Family Law in Alberta (All Canada) is a mess - Fatherless Day A silent walk June 30
Matias Battauz
audience: Public

I'm fighting for my kids, fighting for equality. If anyone reading this post has any qu...
Their duty of Retaliation Fabrication Corruption and Collusion
audience: Public

According to my hard copy of information provided by Hamilton Police Services, there ha...
Re: We are in the process of planning a protest at the Kitchener courthouse
Elizabeth Sauve
audience: Public

I really wish i could get there to you guys, if i could get into there i would be there my...
Re: FRO really needs to get their act together - Mom thinking of withdrawing from FRO
John Barlett
audience: Public

Tens of millions of child support rest in the govs bank account. Who gets the interest ...
My thoughts on child support
The Fathers Rights Movement
audience: Public

"Child Support" is based on the false premise that fathers are unable or unwilling to "...
Re: Re: Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever

audience: Public

wrong, you are using a fake email address,  the bounced email triggers your remova...
Alienated or not this is not a battle of the parents but for the Rights of Children
Alienated Family Members
audience: Public

To congratulate a parent that is awarded Sole Custody is neither worthy of praise nor i...
We knew that one of numerous people who were responsible for his death
Chris Carter
audience: Authenticated Login and access We knew that one of numerous people who were responsible for his death

on Wed. Dec. 5/13 three of us attended the afternoon session of the Coroner's Inquest i...
Re: Grandmas Parental Presidence above Alienated Fathers relationship with daughter
Jane Jacobson
audience: Public

My kids treat me like their father treated me. Horrible excuse of a human being. More evil...
Re: Provide your story for an upcoming book detailing short stories of your battle with a High Conflict Divorce
audience: Public

Hello Robert Happy to supply my story. Estrangement is indeed a global issue. I live in...

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Access Court Order Motion/grandmother visit

Thursday, August 21, 2014 - Liars - Bonny Mclean

Court Ordered extra visits as the mother was not able to consent. They stared and mumbled over my mom as I took the stand to talk. As well the applicant and alienating child abuser Christina Jane Olsen brought her mom Suzanne Olsen and her mom's ole work buddy and culprit of many crimes from the Sault Area Hospital Bonny McLean,  she looked with this evil look at me and my Mother who she never met, my mom did not notice but I did and my Partner did.

Read more here @ brainsyntax.com about: Bonny McLean acting upon her friend Suzanne's Olsen misery

"You are an truly a pathological liar who, because you cannot hold down a job and have NEVER supported this child have the time to make up these pathetic, ridiculous stories."

In reply of

Elderly alienated German Oma granted access in Canadian Family Court opposed by vexatious parent

Audience: Public
by Murdering Parent Suzanne Olsen
X Another alienating vexatious mother Christina Olsen was forced by an Honourable Judge from the Ontario Court of Justice to give visitation to Renate Steiger Paternal Gr... More >>
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Thursday, August 21, 2014
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