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August 05 2020

Re: Father Rights Canada / I haven’t heard anything since it was a big news event.
audience: Public
Thank you pointing out the spell error. We will correct it asap
Due to the unfair ruling by the judge, I am also financially impacted, and close to losing my car and being evicted
Robert C Mutchler audience: Public
I am approaching the two year mark of not seeing my three children (Nicole, Rachel, and...
Lethbridge woman captures video of officer repeatedly running over injured deer
audience: Public
sick fucker but if we did that,they are looking at ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Has anyone ever been successful with perjury or contempt charges against your ex?
Ronald Bennett audience: Public
Here's the fact of the matter is not about proving intent. It's about the lawyer looking b...
Father Rights Canada / Anyone know if it matters for having a male or female lawyer
Not disclosed audience: Public
I would love to hear the stats on male family court lawyers compared to female or bette...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
RE FRO really needs to get their act together - Mom thinking of withdrawing from FRO
Jana Pruden
audience: Public

As far as I am aware atleast when it comes to bc and sask. We pay sask via web banking ...
If the judge finds that the evidence is inadmissible
Vernon Beck
audience: Public

In order to ensure that each party to a court case is given a fair trial, a judge striv...
I will be strong for my son when he is old enough to know the truth
Tula N.
audience: Authenticated Login and access I will be strong for my son when he is old enough to know the truth

how true this is, my son's father still won;t speak with me, email, or even see me duri...
Today April 17 2012
audience: Authenticated Login and access Today  April 17  2012

Today, April 17, 2012, a baby was pulled from a bathtub with no vital signs. Since this h...
I feel my son could be in danger by his mother due to the fact that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder
Chris Gray Sr.
audience: Public

Fighting For Father's Rights because mine are being violated. I have a 7 month old son ...
Re: Duluth Wheel has always been a bunch of adulterated crap outdated view Governments, Social Workers follow
James Correu
audience: Public

agreed. and during this class that i have been placed in I have repeatedly asked for solut...
Re: CAS saying that if continued to post things about her child (who are in care) that they will be taking legal action
Renee Thompson
audience: Public

Until a judge orders it she is free to post anything she wants just as long as she does...
Re: How could I stop her from leaving the province. Legally on 3 business days notice
Alberta Courtsinfo
audience: Public

Assuming you are in Calgary, you can write an affidavit stating exactly what you have been...
Re: Bargening for five extra minutes with their loved ones Access denied October 23 2014 video footage
treeified mother
audience: Public

Hey all, I have tried everything. Agreed to their rules, I was told on Tuesday that my so...
Re: Vindictive ex attacking loving father and turning the children to hate the father
Jodi Mueller
audience: Public

She is as psycho as my ex and his gf. Sad they think this behavior is ok. Grrrrr. I sure w...

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Re: Father Rights Canada / help to get my kids out of this woman’s full time care

Monday, January 6, 2020 - Information - Christopher John Summers - Fathers Rights British Columbia Canada

take care of yourself. talk to counselors. ask for help.
then take it to court. the "truth" is a perception and until one can speak the truth without personally attacking others it is disregarded. the system is such a mess...
don't let it bring you down. rise above. be the truth you speak...

- Fathers Rights British Columbia Canada
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Father Rights Canada / help to get my kids out of this woman’s full time care

Audience: Public
by not disclosed
X Hi I recently had my spouse of 20 years and mother to my 3 children leave me. It was a messy separation and I had asked only that she sign a parenting order giving me access to my kids half the time and instead she has gotten restraining ord... More >>
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Monday, January 6, 2020
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