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August 15 2020

Re: Re: Father Rights Canada - He honestly can not afford to live anymore
Monica audience: Public
That would be a great solution but when u are completely maxed out because of said child s...
Re Father Rights Canada / Ex is lying and being abusive
Kent Fritz audience: Public
Screenshot any emails texts social media you name it build your case around the lies th...
Remove the word justice at the court house justice does not exist in Family Court
Rene Gelinas audience: Public
My lawyer dumped me four days before my settlement conference because she had spent all...
Re: Financial gag unless my son comes up with over $100,000 to bring a motion to the courts
Paul Robertson audience: Public
Still learning how to navigate through this site, so hopefully this goes to the correct...
Lazaro Ecenarro Alaska SILENT NO MORE Family Court Injustice
Jesus Lazaro Ecenarro audience: Public
Phone chat from Jan. 20 2016 with Lazaro Ecenarro introducing the audience to his famil...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
False report to CAS Cornwall police arrested 22-year-old

audience: Public

A Cornwall Ontario Canada woman is facing harassment and mischief charges after alleged...
Steps that actually binds a judge to his duties
Erick Ouellette
audience: Public

I hear so many people complaining Judges not respecting your rights, any rights that ap...
Here is my version of the serenity prayer I changed it to help me out
Sylvie Tremblay
audience: Public

God Grant me the serenity to stay calm when dealing with CAS B.S. The ...
The Ombudsman is not willing to have oversight He Is A COWARD
Maureen Ann Fennelly
audience: Public

There is a sacredness in tears....They are the messengers of overwhelming grief for our...
According to custody evaluator Ken Perlmutter my kids are not bonded with me
Kenneth Perlmutter
audience: Public

Video Presentation Family Relationships Specialist Kenneth Perlmutter, PHD, Self procla...
Re: Last Testament of a loving father abused by the family court system and alienated from his children
Need More Good men
audience: Public

ΩΩΩ I find that the majority of the problems are from...
Children's Aid Societies unethical morally corrupt activities and practices
Jesse Larabee
audience: Public

My name is Jesse Larabee and I am a former foster child of the CA$ in Ontario. Please r...
Father Rights Canada / Currently having issues with the mother of my children.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hello, My name is ———(Redacted) and I am currently hav...
Federal Health minister as Child welfare falls under her domain
Philip Gerald Bushell CCW
audience: Public

A thought occurred to me. Dealing with CAS obfuscation, and legal complaint process on ...
Re: Fabricates a fake rape story - When I was looking into seeing of I qualify for legal aid
Daniel Ishmael
audience: Public

This is a tactic/ strategy/ advice being given by the Councillors prior to Separation so t...

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Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / Father not healthy needs support

Friday, May 3, 2019 - Forums - Janet Hanbury - Canada's Fathers Rights, Because We Have None!

Any monetary assets .. put everything in a trust account but check it out first before setting one up. Bank accounts are all seized. Family Maintenance will send account seizure notices to every bank/credit union in the province you live. Use cash to make payments but be sure to obtain receipts. You can also always lease a vehicle but they can suspend your driver's licence. Get an out of province vehicle license if they do. If you are forced to live with a relative, claim yourself as homeless which in actuality you are.
- Canada's Fathers Rights, Because We Have None!
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Re: Father Rights Canada / Father not healthy needs support

Audience: Public
by Oldrich Schmuttermeier Jr.
X Sell your car and buy a cheap one for $700 or 800 register it into a friends name tell her to fuck off and live in peace. More >>
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Friday, May 3, 2019
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