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January 17 2019

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"Justice" Craig Perkins equals No Family in Family Court - Appeal Dismissed

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - Judges - RedQueen - Craig Perkins - Exposing Parents Lawyers Judges Who Alienate + The Corrupt Family Law Institution

Family Superior Court Judges Corruption with CAS

"Justice" Craig Perkins that was my Superior Court judge who dismissed my case even after I was acquitted proving that the CAS working on my file ( too numerous too mention all names ) and  the Crown Attorney Jennifer Stanton created a false and frivolous case against me using malicious prosecution, slander, negligent investigation, misrepresentation, collusion, intimidation, public mischief, defamation of character and should be considered contempt of court and gross negligence of all of my court cases that I personally have been going through since August 2013 through the family and criminal courts simultaneously from the lower courts to superior court and Court of Appeals and two jurisdictions of Ontario and British Columbia.

Even though my lawyer did not argue all the points in the Notice of Appeal as Perkins pointed out, at least he did try but still is negligent on his part but whats the difference when the Judge is an imbecile who ignores the facts and substantive evidence presented to him in courts and dismisses my case partly because I was using a Legal Aide Lawyer. This is just shows prejudicial bias, discrimination and ignorance of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Human Rights. But in family courts one will soon discover that it is merely a circus with the ring leaders being the judges who have complete immunity and abuse their power and their paychecks and should be and put in a mental hospital for all the damage and suffering they cause to this generation and those still to come. I literally have no contact to my daughter because she is supposedly having nightmares from access but have not even seen her in person for five years now, even sending gifts are an issue that supposedly triggers her into emotional dysregulation into having nightmares. To this day I have not even spoken to my own daughter for four years now and I am still fighting in family courts in British Columbia now. Its a serious joke this whole judicial system is a complete nightmare with no end in sight, along with all the players in the mix who only profit from your misery of making up complete stories to cover their corruption!

Justice Craig Perkins now works as an arbitrator at this law firm Martha McCarthy & Co. Craig can be reached at: craig@mccarthyco.ca and 647-977-9547  http://www.mccarthyco.ca  I suggest people give him email telling what they really think of them now that he is not a judge! Thankfully the damage he will do now will be minimal and hopefully he will just check himself into an old folks facility. Some ( most ) Judges are missing the point and fail to effectively execute the law correctly within in their own court rooms. They lack a soul as they are wicked, unethical and morally bankrupt! Also Samantha Levenson no longer works for the CAS or as a Lawyer who is prejudicial and I can only hope her family suffer as she has made myself suffer and other Mothers and Families.


Also in Canada there is supposed to be this concept of DUE PROCESS that is surely lacking in my case. Canada's legal system is based on a heritage that includes the rule of law, freedom under the law, democratic principles and due process. Due process is the principle that the government must respect all of legal rights a person is entitled to under the law. I never had a jury trial in criminal court or even a trial in Family court because the prejudicial judge Ellen B. Murray pushed for a SJM which we tried to oppose and lost and then I tried to appeal it and it was dismissed as I mentioned already. The fact that my family case was dismissed at Superior court after I had been Aquitted is a serious judicial error and misconduct and my case should have been sent back down for an actual trial but that never happened. I had two consults to two law firms at that point to decide whether to go to the court of Appeals but it was decided to be too difficult and too costly. Also you only have 30 days to file for an appeal or at least the notice to the courts making it more difficult and unjust really. 

My original criminal trial judge "Justice Zuker" is also retired now and has been in the news as my same lawyer M. Halfyard overturned his other erroneous decisions in Court of Appeals in Ontario. 
This is no fairy tale but the harsh reality nightmare of my case and many others brought before the already overburdened incompetent court and judicial system in this city, this province and this Country - Canada Home of land and the Free?? Really?? I think NOT 

Judges can make or break your life without concern as they are paid highly by the public but do not treat any one in court with dignity as a woman ,a mother or even a human.
See an example of their average Salary below and calculate that by five years as my case and has involved numerous judges at all levels


Links to attachment(s): .pdf Craig Perkins Appeal dismiss - Endorsement 


See my win of Acquittal here in the judgement:  brainsyntax.com/Portal/Criminal.Superior.Judgement.pdf


This link is my Court of Appeal Decision on Dec 12/2017 in which my leave to Appeal and Appeal was granted and the sentence was set aside and retroactively backdated to the date of sentencing. Although it should be an unconditional discharge that was never argued and should be a full aquittal outright as it was an illegal and unlawful arrest to begin with! I should not have had to argue this at any point through out the whole criminal justice system in the lower courts to the Superior Court and to the Court of Appeal. This is simply negligence and gross misconduct by the judges who clearly do not understand what an illegal and unlawful arrest is and actually apply that rule of law within their own court rooms?? That is again with No warrant, No extingent circumstance, no Injury or threats of violence, NO Drugs or Alcohol bases to begin with as my daughter was wrongfully Apprehended and interrogated by the 14 Division Police when she was only a minor of four years old and was intimidated and coerced by the police for an hour without my consent and no adult accompanying her during that interrogation. 






- - - - -



  - - - -  Decisions  Pdf 



Please consider making a donation to help my cause https://www.gofundme.com/manage/fckqbg/edit/story

Yours Truly Red Queen 


- Exposing Parents Lawyers Judges Who Alienate + The Corrupt Family Law Institution
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Tuesday, November 27, 2018
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