Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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January 17 2019

Not till they pay for every thing they have done to me and every one who has lost there kids to CAS
Christian Belliveau audience: Public
stopping Cas is the biggest thing in my life to do. They say 3 weeks in court every day...
Cesspool of greed corruption and interagency efforts to discredit and silence the whistle blowers
Joseph Kenick III audience: Public
Our Family Court Systems are failing our children ... Really saddens me. <b...
Police Services assisting the Children s Aid Society apprehensions incident documentation
Donald Smith audience: Public
&nbsp;T rump charges and cas is a joke,&nbsp;i just read th...
Re: Affidavit of Christina Jane Olsen June 16 2009 Sault Ste Marie Ontario
Mary J audience: Public
Sick Sick Sick, This woman is sick. She should have been charged with misleading and ly...
Ontario Children's Aid Society's steal children 23,300 kids in the past year
Jen Burnell Dieleman audience: Public
Expose CAS Ontario Advocates attended the London Ontario Court House at 80 Dundas stree...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Father Rights Canada / False accusations and emotional manipulation in Calgary
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I am not a father but I am a wife to a dad who is dealing with being alienated from his...
Re: Sault Ste Marie Police[Matthew Keating] beat suicidal man into coma
Mitchell Matthew Keating
audience: Public

The Office of the Independent Police Review Director has investigated&nbsp; the actions...
Re: Re: Anyone here remember Stephanie Jobin killed by group home staff
audience: Public

Do you have any paper trail you would like to upload in regards, for all to learn from?...
I made a vow that I will not stop till I know that they are gone and are held accountable for the blood of children
Elli T.
audience: Public

Oh trust me this has been going on for a very long time. The situation with the CAS sta...
Re: I dont plan on spending another year without my kids in my life!

audience: Public

this is what thrives this advocate
Their anger is that of people who have not had justice
Larry Weeks
audience: Public

I realize that this is over already, sold out, after years of work. The MP,s that did n...
Disturbing Facts/Stats - Single Parents Canada
Chris Thompson
audience: Public

Ok so I have done a little research for my Doc and have come across some disturbing fac...
Celebration of families in Etobicoke Ontario 2014 June 15 All are welcome
B Jenkins
audience: Public

I just wanted to remind you all again that Sunday (June 15) is Fathers Day. <br /...
February 26 2013 Case 1997/10 Trail Management Conf Basoalto - Jaffit
Felipe Basoalto Alexandra Jaffit
audience: Public

February 26 2013 Case 1997/10 Trail Management Conference notes <im...
family court dogma
audience: Public

I believe we need to take drastic measures because. They have an entitled sociopathic ment...

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Re: Father Rights Canada / bills and stress piling up need guidence

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - FamilyCourt - Tina Kotylak - Fathers Rights Canada

I'm sorry for what.your going thru. If you were married to her you can argue the fact that all debts during the marriage should be split between the 2 of you. At for everything else I'd say your doing pretty good. My fiance makes just as much as you at 95k and he pays 867 in child support and 962 for spousal support. His take home was only 2700 a month after he paid support and we have a new child as well. So all I can say is count your blessing you sont pay the high end of the support table per month. We the staggering legal fees that he pays hes still in for a fight cause of matrimonial moneys from 5 years ago which is stupid but it's a fight these women will go thru just to crush a man. I hope things get better for you I truly do. Keep your head up and dont stlp fighting. It's okay to lose some battles that is life but dont give up.

- Fathers Rights Canada
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Father Rights Canada / bills and stress piling up need guidence

Audience: Public
by Not disclosed
X I am in need of advice. My Ex and I have been separated for over a year. During this period we resides in the same household from October till January last year. We separated October 1st and she had a boyfriend October 10th(seems irrelevant I know... More >>
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Tuesday, November 27, 2018
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