Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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January 17 2019

Praise the officers for the way they handled the situation in Hamilton Ontario
audience: Authenticated Login and access Praise the officers for the way they handled the situation in Hamilton Ontario
Have you seen the video of those Hamilton police officers arresting a woman It has now ...
October 30 2010
Vincent audience: Authenticated Login and access October 30 2010
5 page pdf file     Links to attachments: http://www....
Both girls were removed at birth because of their moms suspected cocaine use
Rachel Mendleson Christine Rupert audience: Public
The last time Christine Rupert saw her daughters was in a dingy church basement in Kitc...
Collecting statements from anyone/everyone going through issues around their children for a special Show next Thursday
Sam Chatur audience: Public
yes I have lanched a law suit against the ministry and halton cas with the ontarion hum...
Re: Re: Social Development, Mental Health, CAS, town council... expose corruption and broken laws
Stuart Gilboord audience: Public
Which is why CAS staff use pretend alternative job titles.

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
I need to fight for truth and justice and partly for closure
Darlene Keeta Sine
audience: Public

Thank you very much for your help Vincent. It is appreciated. I have been apart of CCW ...
Re: Alienated child begs for more time at Dads home
Robert Strickland
audience: Public

I have a similar situation. Not as extreme, just children asking for a better split.
Re: We Can Make Changes to the Family Court System A Call to Action
Doina Nugent
audience: Public

If 1 or 2 parents email their MPP, nothing will change, if 20 email their MPP, they will t...
Can we get some support going for Alain Nickolas Daigle
Alain Nickolas Daigle
audience: Public

My next step in my figth , is to try again to have more tender word for my sons mom , I...
Sootoday tabloid David Helwigs wanted Wednesday Harassing residents of the Algoma District
Hilary Q
audience: Public

Sootoday is nothing but a gossip and slander site. This "Wanted Wednesday" piece they h...
Rudy Orr slandering a dead man Dominick Tomaselio
Randy Davis Rudy Orr
audience: Authenticated Login and access Rudy Orr slandering a dead man Dominick Tomaselio

Orr said this about a deceased father (Dominick Tomaselio) who was great friend to us a...
Edmonton Alberta Dwayne Kirby PIG from the Airdrie Detachment
Dwayne Kirby
audience: Public

The Airdrie RCMP detachment is completely psychotic! This is a racketeering scam r...
The Thoughts of Targeted Parents of Parental Alienation
Casey Sheehe
audience: Public

Yesterday for Mother's Day, my family and I put MAJOR pressure on the alienator so I co...
Re: Fathers Rights Canada - Martial arts instructor seduced him and a child resulted
Scott Mcnab
audience: Public

This is the problem with today's society, far too many parents raised children to be en...
Re: Real Woman respect Fathers Rights
Christina Heaman
audience: Public

Definitely fathers should have equal rights. Children need both parents in their life. ...

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Re: Father Rights Canada / Ex is lying and being abusive

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - Information - Jesse Kellard - Fathers Rights Alberta Canada

Go for a consultation. They are free to affordable and can put you on the right track. Honestly, an hour conversation was a game changer.
- Fathers Rights Alberta Canada
In reply of

Father Rights Canada / Ex is lying and being abusive

Audience: Public
by Not disclosed
X Hi there Not sure what to do feeling pretty upset.. my sons ex girlfriend is a “hitter” to make a long story short she was removed from their home cause she was drunk and hitting my son.. social services got involved.. that same night she... More >>
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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