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September 28 2020

The crisis of access to justice and self-represented litigants
Denis Rancourt PhD Canada Court Watch audience: Public
By Denis Rancourt, PhD Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin frequently warns o...
Re: Parental Alienation Archives Orange County Divorce Lawyer Blog
audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Parental Alienation Archives Orange County Divorce Lawyer Blog
Recently in the  Parental Alienat...
Re: Lying swearing under oath Police interrogation video of a vindictive ex creating false abuse charges
Aaron Swanson audience: Public
Even cops are getting sick n tired of these lying pieces of sh_t.
they say Nick Lisi has vexatious behaviour that ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome
Nick Lisi audience: Public
A high-ranking Durham police officer is facing internal police charges for allegedly dr...
Child protection workers attempt to railroad a parent and remove their children
Papa Inbc audience: Public
This is a remarkable case that I am watching unfold in the courthouse right now, that d...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
re posting Child Welfare worker from Windsor Ontario stabbed

audience: Authenticated Login and access re posting Child Welfare worker from Windsor Ontario stabbed

Some may wonder why is this here, this is from 2010, ... Source: Chro...
Any parent that alienates and isolates children from the other parent is guilty of child abuse
Bob Saunders
audience: Public

It's the feminist men and father haters that are members of a hate group. I have yet to...
Emotional journey of relationships with Crown Wards
Yvonne Craig
audience: Public

I think my case is a unique dynamic because my children were locked into law through pr...
Re She is threatening him that if he doesnt spend time with her that he cant see the baby
Raymond Roussy
audience: Public

this you have to go see a lawyer. do not hangout with her as you will most likely be ch...
Re: Father Rights Canada / False accusations used to isolate dad
Richard Baril
audience: Public

Sorry to hear this brother. Wish i had something to contribute. That's a hell of a situati...
audience: Authenticated Login and access Important

This is the footer of the email conversation with " a lawyer " here in Sault Ste Marie On...
660 News Calgary: anyone available for an interview about the upcoming screening of The Red Pill?
660 News Calgary
audience: Public

Hello, My name is Tahirih and I'm a reporter with 660 News in Calgary. I was wondering ...
Sample letter in regards to leaving care at 16 years old
Curtis Kingston
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I am writing this letter to inform you that as of July 5th 2013 it is my intention to l...
Waterloo Regional Police kill member of the community
Beau Baker
audience: Public

Beau Baker’s family plans lawsuit against Waterloo Regional Police The famil...
Father Rights Canada /looking to educate myself
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada /looking to educate myself

Hi I m looking to educate myself on my rights and things I can do to protect my rights ...

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Re: Father Rights Canada / 2 months of alienation

Saturday, September 22, 2018 - Police - Vanessa Hearty - Fathers Rights Alberta Canada

Get a police enforcement clause. Ask your lawyer what your rights are in this situation. I am not sure what the laws are with a body cam. The police enforcement clause in our order states that the officer must make sure the order is followed and that they must write and submit a report if they for some reason decide to go against the order. Once the police enforcement clause has gone through court then you can have them escort you to pickup your daughter

AND document every encounter with her father!!! Date! Time! Detail! Who was there! What was said!

Document as soon as it happens and with paper and pen!

Get a restraining order if needed

AND whatever you do, don't hit him! Even if he hits you first. They'll slaughter you in court if you react.

I am so sorry you are going through this. It's awful

- Fathers Rights Alberta Canada
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Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Re: Father Rights Canada / 2 months of alienation

Information | Paul Robertson Voice Page created 1/3/2019 7:36:30 AM Audience: Public

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