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April 12 2021

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Searching for my children

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OCL Children Lawyer Evidence Ontario Family Court Judge

Monday, April 9, 2018 - OfficeOfChildrenLawyer - Lynn LeClair - Ontario

Hi my name is Lynn and I live in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. This corruption is ongoing in all communities. In reading this info. the first thing that comes to mind is you researching a bit. I would start with the CAS because they are known to lie and manipulate the Court system. The CAS complaint steps must be taken and then a person can apply to the Child and Youth Advocate's Office. Accountability is now possible for CAS through the Child and Youth Advocate Office. What else comes to mind is that due to back logging in the court system quite often Judges are not following their own laws . So if a case is to be in front of a Judge in fro example 30 days and it doesn't get there then that Judge can be investigated through a Judicial Complaint process. The length of time and the incurred damage to children is ongoing due to the lengthy Court process. Also, if you have the evidence for a Judge regarding mental status and CAS has also viewed it and does "as known to do" nothing to assist,  that is where the Advocate's Office can step in. The CAS must act in the best interests of the child.

This is much too common and also I want to mention that many people see the OCL Office of the Children's Lawyer as having legal representation for the kids when in fact many of the workers are only Social Workers making reports for the Court. After they have done their report their job is done. So if your daughter is the one who requested the OCL get involved because she thought they would act as a lawyer in Court then they must have some sort of complaint process and I would take all steps to try and get accountability. As long as they do what they want without consequences it will go on and on with no resolve as it clearly has for your daughter. I hope she keeps fighting the fight but tries to make some ppl accountable.

Good Luck

Lynn LeClair

- Ontario
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Monday, April 9, 2018
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2 replies

OCL Children Lawyer Evidence Ontario Family Court Judge

OfficeOfChildrenLawyer | Mina Sharma Voice Page created 11/13/2018 7:59:19 AM Audience: Public

Randilynn Spore Voice Re: OCL Children Lawyer Evidence Ontario Family Court Judge
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Re: OCL Children Lawyer Evidence Ontario Family Court Judge

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