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March 30 2020

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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She is constantly looking for a fight send messages like: good morning, your child support is due today

Friday, October 27, 2017 - Fathers - - Fathers Rights Canada

Good morning. I don't even know where to begin. I have been with my boyfriend for two years. Him and the Ex wife have an 8 year old together and she had him sign legal guardianship of her oldest son whom was already 2 when they met ( but wouldn't have him adopt him fully , so he could maintain his native status) .

The oldest will be 12 and still doesn't know my boyfriend isn't his biological father. She does not want to tell him in fear he will think poorly of her, she chooses to hide this from him even though it is clearly affecting him.

The child looks nothing like my boyfriend and often questions us about his skin complexion. My boyfriend is required to pay 2300 every month in child support ( it used to be 2600 ) and the ex is constantly asking for more money. She continuously harasses him about " extra ordinary expenses ( Section 7 expenses ). She has not worked since they got divorced but continues to go on luxury trips, shopping trips and even bought 2 brand new vehicles last year.

She remarried and had 2 kids with the other man. Because she does not work , this makes my boyfriend responsible for 100 % of section 7 which I find extremely unfair. She chooses not to work when she is fully able to. She is constantly looking for a fight and will often send messages like " good morning, your child support is due today. Have a great day " . She has given us one year to come up with 10 000$ to pay for braces for her oldest child. As she does not work, it seems fair to her that my boyfriend be responsible for the entire cost.

The agreement we have at the moment stipulates that she gets the kids full time and he can pick them up given we provide her with 48 hours notice. This agreement worked in her favor until just recently, my boyfriend started working for a company in town to have more time with the kids. His work schedule is Monday-Friday , weekends off. As per the agreement , the ex gets 1 weekend a month.

She has been harassing him daily, asking for more time with the kids, telling him the boys want to be with her more when we only get them 6 days a month . The boys have a blast at our house and they are always counting down the days until they get to come over. We are going for 50/50 custody .

We are concerned about the kids' education . The oldest one is failing everything in school and the youngest is not doing great either. She constantly pulls them out of school for " long weekend trips" to see her husband's family. They had about 30something absences last school year.

We want to help them grow into the wonderful boys that they are and fear this arrangement is not benefiting them. Their mother often says she is overwhelmed and has a hard time managing her time with the four kids. Her most recent freak out was last night, when she asked us if we were going to take the oldest to his swimming lessons on Saturday at 12 PM ( which she has decided she would put him in , on our time ) and we said no , he wouldn't make this one as we have planned to be out of the city for the weekend visiting family. She decided that she is keeping the kids from us so she can take the oldest one swimming tomorrow.

I guess I'm really writing to vent and in hopes for other people to see that they are not alone in this craziness. We live it daily too.

Contact Location: SHERWOOD PARK

- Fathers Rights Canada
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Friday, October 27, 2017
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