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April 04 2020

Parental Alienation as an Expression of Domestic Violence
Alienated audience: Public
How dare you leave me (i.e., narcissistic injury). How dare you not appreciate my wonde...
Children s Rights
Childrens Right audience: Public
We need to join together to stop PAS Hatred is not an emotion that comes naturally to a...
October 30 2010
Vincent audience: Authenticated Login and access October 30 2010
5 page pdf file     Links to attachments: http://www....
Father Rights Canada / Father given letter he owes more support
Not disclosed audience: Public
Please post anonymously. I’ll go back to Family Day 2019. We drop off...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Re: Kitchener really the most aggressive cas in Ontario?
Ashlee Leatherdale
audience: Public

St.thomas elgin is pretty bad too
Sandra Giesbrecht - Charlatans exposed Advocate Awareness

audience: Public

This woman is psychotic she is a narcissistic antisocial personality disorder who has hara...
All because I chose to move on She even stopped by with the kids to taunt me
The Fathers Rights Movement
audience: Authenticated Login and access All because I chose to move on She even stopped by with the kids to taunt me

I lost my kids Monday and can't see them until a judge says so. Police involved and eve...
Father Rights Canada / Father seeking fairness in a dire situation
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hi , I am a single dad fighting what seems to be a losing battle for 50-50 parenting of my...
Re: Financial gag unless my son comes up with over $100,000 to bring a motion to the courts
Brian Kendall
audience: Public

2 years since I have seen my special needs son, I helped him win a CBC Future 40 Under ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / mom not getting help with addiction what are my options
Sam Gardener
audience: Public

If you can provide proof of the drug use, and the impact that put on your children then...
Re: LSUC not reporting lawyers who bilk clients because of solicitor-client privilege
Alysen Cameron
audience: Public

Double standards and gaslighting. The whole system is an arena for bullying.
Of Pedicures & Shoes - A short story
Monique Dietvorst
audience: Public

On the curb of the strip mall, Emma holds her placard high above her head, in front of ...
Vexatious & abusive stepmother alienating child as father looks on and watched her burn
xXsilentpuppXx Parental alienation is child abuse
audience: Public

Alienated child from loving mother, was told her mom is a pig and not worthy and the fa...
meeting with OCL Wendsday November 28 2012

audience: Authenticated Login and access  meeting with OCL Wendsday November 28 2012

- 8 weeks into the relationship 1. time Police involvement, ...

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This betrayal was some that pushed Phil over the edge

Thursday, August 17, 2017 - Information - Phillip Parisi - Fathers Rights Canada

Tony is Phil's dad and he made Galena a partner in the ranch which Phil owed as well this betrayal was some that pushed him over the edge


- Fathers Rights Canada
In reply of

I miss my step daughter and I'll miss Philip forever

Audience: Public
by Carolyn Garrett Philip Parisi
X 4 years ago I met my partner wounded and broken by his ex-girlfriend who he had a young baby with at the time. She falsely accused him of assault and got a restraining order against him. She abused all of her ex-boyfriends prior, mentally and phys... More >>
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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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2 replies

it's good for the kids to see both family. Sounds like

Information | Eva Voice Page created 8/19/2017 10:07:38 AM Audience: Public

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Doesn't sound like a very supportive kind father

From reading this text . I actually feel bad for Galena. ... Eva
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