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Ontario Children's Aid Society's steal children 23,300 kids in the past year

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - CAS - Jen Burnell Dieleman - CAS Ontario~My Experience

Expose CAS Ontario Advocates attended the London Ontario Court House at 80 Dundas street to address the warrant in the picture below for this one mother that we are involved with. This mother herself inquired as to whether or not her infants warrant was legal at the time of apprehension she was shocked to find out it was not legal it turns out that the Society's warrant did not become legal until 5 days after the society had actually apprehended her infant baby therefore those 1st 5 days the society had her baby in care was illegal and that child had been kidnapped! The Ontario Children's Aid Society apparently does this to everyone according to the court cleark at the court house in London Ontario!

The discovery of fake warrants & how far the London CAS goes as well as all other Ontario Children's Aid Society's to steal children and cover things up explains why in the past year 23,300 kids have been illegally stolen and taken into care! It has to stop now!

This is the recording where the London Ontario Court House at 80 Dundas street confirms that London and Middlesex Childrens Aid Society uses fake warrants to apprehend all the kids they apprehend & the only way to find out if they are legal is if the society files them with the protection application at the 5 day hearing in this case they did file this particular warrant at the 5 day hearing after already having the child in care for 5 days (the warrants to apprehend the kids) they do this in hopes that no one is smart enough to look back and say what the hell!!

You had no legal reason to apprehend my kids on the day you did & filing warrants 5 days later just to try and "make the numbers look good because of your funding is ridiculous I want my kids back now" coming soon will be more recordings from more people who are doing this as well.......

Let's see which warrants ended up filed & which ones didn't end up filed but the point is on the date of those warrants the society did NOT have an exparte motion at the court house to obtain those warrants the cleark flat out says on here like: "THE SOCIETY PRINTS OFF THESE PAPERS FROM THEIR OWN COMPUTERS AND THEY FILL IT OUT THEMSELVES, CAS HAS THEIR OWN ARRANGEMENTS FOR THOSE JUDGES TO SIGN THEM, I GUESS....."

According to the CFSA The Children's Aid Society has a mandate they are required to follow they were recently given the eligibility requirements for 2016 if workers would follow that then there would be less kids in care It's been reported that 23,300 children have been put into the foster care system over the past year in Ontario alone! Well doesn't this explain why? When you allow an agency with no accountability to have free range over government money & you tell them that you will give them all the money & power in the world just as long as they keep stealing kids and selling them to rich people & keep the trouble makers away then yeah you're damn right that's what their going to do but will the good parents go away never to be heard from again?

Not without their children CAS! You can bet on that one! You can't get rid of us good loving parents until we reclaim our children they are rightfully ours after all & you did steal them!! Families are encouraged to take copies of your warrants no matter how old they are go to the court house they claim to be issued from record & don't tell them your recording & bring photo ID and have your child protection file checked & ask these questions:

1: On the date that is listed on the warrant The date of apprehension did the society attend the court house for an exparte motion & meet with the judge who signed that warrant an exparte motion will be listed in their computer system & in your file

2: On your 5 day hearing what exactly was filled on that date was it only the Societies material - the protection application the temporary order for 30 days - were there any warrants filed from the date of apprehension - this is important because as of right now still no warrants are filed then your kids were illegally apprehended!

The courts were lied to & you have an emergency change in circumstances to immediately return the kids! If the warrants were filled on the 5 day hearing you just proved that for 5 days CAS had your kids illegally & the judge only made a decision because he only had CAS'S information in front of him so that's all he had to go on! Which again is another set up by CAS & it isn't fair it's CAS stacking the deck in their favor and that's not right!!

Audio Source:



So more recordings are coming here are 2 investigators finding out about 1 of the warrants in question on September 1st 2016......



Warrant information: This is a picture of the warrant to apprehend the child that was shown to the cleark on the recording below so people can read what they are hearing as well..... ? 

- CAS Ontario~My Experience
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016
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Re: Ontario Childrens Aid Societys steal children 23,300 kids in the past year

CAS | Jen Burnell Dieleman Voice Page created 9/16/2016 12:47:46 PM Audience: Public

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