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April 06 2020

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All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing. Let our ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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That’s fucking sad & he’s probably just trying to make a point. Shame on everyone
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Waterloo Regional Police frivolously charged Cop Watch Canada founder

Sunday, August 28, 2016 - Police - Michael Schmidt - Canada Cop Watch

I was walking down King Street in Kitchener, Ontario on August 27, 2016 at approximately 12:10 pm. I saw a police officer harassing a homeless man that I had walked by earlier sleeping on the side of the road. I went over with the intention of taking the police officer's picture and seeing what was going on. I took a few pictures and the Waterloo Regional Police officer but he was clearly trying to cover his face, so I walked a little closer and took a better shot.

Constable Prentice got extremely angry and tried to grab my arm and push me away, I stepped back and observed the situation. The homeless man told me that he would be alright and that I could go on with my day, so I walked away and went down to the corner of King and Ontario Street, and watched it from a distance. Another cruiser pulled up, they put the man in and the cruiser left. I pulled out my laptop and was about to download the pics I took, when out of no where, two cops were standing infront of me. I got up to leave because I'm used to them hanging out around me and trying to intimidate me, I deal with it almost daily from Waterloo Regional Police.

As I went to walk away, Constable prentice started talking, I said "I'm not interested in hearing what you have to say". They grabbed me, threw me down on a planter on the side of the road, handcuffed me, and held my arms really hard, saying stop resisting, after I said multiple times "I'm not resisting", they let me up, told me I was under arrest for obstructing a peace officer and disturbing the peace. The sgt on the scene put me in the cruiser and drove me down to the police station. The cruiser drove in the garage, and after 45 minutes they finally let me out of the cruiser, and claimed there was a problem downstairs, and we had to wait longer. After another 20 minutes of waiting in the hot garage, they took me downstairs to the lock up area, he told me they were giving me a PTA and I would be released in a few minutes.

Right away, I requested to speak to my lawyer in the main area of the lock up, because I knew the charges were frivolous, WRPS's has it out for me for exposing their corruption. Constable Prentice took two lawyers names from me, came back to my cell 20 minutes later and said he got no answer, and I wasn't given the right to speak with any other legal counsel. I also requested medical treatment at least a dozen times because the police damaged my arm during the arrest. I was refused that as well, when asked if I needed medical attention in the cruiser, I said yes, constable prentice wrote down no on the intake form. I was put in a cell away from all the other holding cells, and was held for hours, the floor was covered in urine and feces, I flipped out, they just ignored me.

The system is so broken and corrupt, you'd think that with half a dozen cops working down there, at least one would treat you humane, and do their job properly, but no, they all laugh and think it's a big joke, and then they go home and wonder why organizations like Cop Watch Canada exist.

Constable prentice finally came back to my cell, told me he was interviewing me, I told him no, "I will not do an interview without my lawyer present," he put me in an interogation room, and tried interviewing me anyway, right away I said on video, "I was refused to speak to a lawyer, I was refused medical treatment, I'm not doing an interveiw without a lawyer present." Cst. Prentice didn't listen, asked a bunch of stupid questions that I refused to answer. I told him to get me the paper work, they've held me all day on frivolous charges and that they've refused me my rights. He said to me at the end of the interview "you should give up on Cop Watch Canada because there's no way that you will be able to bring down the police, even when we get caught doing something wrong, it doesnt effect our job". so, I'm going to set an example of Constable Prentice and since constable Prentice says it best, "nothing happens when we are caught," I guess we will have to find other venues. Other officer's don't mind police accountability, but the corrupt ones like Prentice have a real problem with organizations like Cop Watch Canada.

Constable Prentice took me out to the sgt to do a PTA, and he's reading the paper work to me, he says "there is only one stipulation, all the other ones don't apply, you can't be on the corner of Ontario and King Street," I said "I live right there, google map my address, how can my stipulation be not to be around where I reside." the sgt laughed and said "take it up with your lawyer." These police are unreal, so now if I walk outside my apartment I have to risk getting arrested. Finally I was released at 5 pm. it was only suppose to be a few minutes on a PTA.

Constable Prentice already lied straight out in another incident with me involving his partner, Sgt Nathan Moyle, another corrupt cop who was caught lying under oath in a 2015 drug trial. Prentice's partner Moyle assaulted me at City Hall in Kitchener, Ontario earlier this year for taking his picture, Prentice lied and said he didn't see his partner assault me, when he stood there and watched it. Furthermore, Constable Prentice has a history of lying as well, google his name and you will see he is no better than Sgt Nathan Moyle. Clearly yesterday's arrest is their way of trying to get back at me for exposing at least two dozen Waterloo Regional Police officer's for their corruption over the years. They are trying to set me up for failure as well by giving me an order to not be around the address I reside at, I took the officer's picture a block down the street, and they arrested me right beside my apartment building, 20 minutes later. How does that stipulation make sense? It's just another form of harassment by WRPS's, just like the charges I now have to fight.

Well WRPS's, you did a good job of proving to me that you are all sad excuses for human beings, every single one of you, none of you can make a stand and do what is right, it sickens me how you disregard peoples lives like they are worthless trash. Officer's should be leaders and stand up for what is right, not followers and stick to the same old system that clearly isn't working. Chief Bryan Larkin, you are the only one that can make a change in your department now, for the future, to treat people like human beings and make sure their rights aren't trampled on. The harassment I've dealt with from your department since exposing multiple officer's on your force is despicable. Police accountability should be top priority, clearly in your department it's not. Cover ups and lies, assaults and disregard for human life is what comes from the officer's at WRPS's. You really should take an hour out of your day playing on Twitter and watch the incompetence of the officer's working within your department. I bet even you would be disappointed.

Michael Schmidt (AdvocatesCanada.com & Cop Watch Canada Founder & Admin.)

- Canada Cop Watch
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Sunday, August 28, 2016
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