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July 07 2020

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Currently searching for the lawyers within Windsor Ontario that have a reputation of re...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Father Rights Canada /Questionair Survey
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Waterloo Regional Police frivolously charged Cop Watch Canada founder
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I was walking down King Street in Kitchener, Ontario on August 27, 2016 at approximatel...

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Happy Father's Day 2016 to victims everywhere

Sunday, June 19, 2016 - Information - Joseph Kenick III - Joseph L Kenick III - Exposing Parents Lawyers Judges Who Alienate + The Corrupt Family Law Institution

How many more Father's Days do we have to miss with our children? The answer is frighteningly simple and horrifyingly unavoidable; for as many as we are willing to allow the kidnappers, robed conspirators, badged accomplices, and profiteering cronies to continue committing the atrocities now revealed and still keep breathing.

I wish with all my heart there was some other way, but there isn't. The harsh reality is that so long as it remains both safe and profitable to continue, the cesspool of greed, judicial corruption, collusion, racketeering, created ransom, matching taxpayer funds, and multi-agency efforts to perpetuate it, cover it up, and silence the victims and whistleblowers is going to continue unabated.

Everything else has been tried repeatedly and proven entirely ineffectual. They don't care if ten people hold a rally or ten million because it doesn't affect their homes or end their lives in equal numbers to those they victimize. They don't care about costumes, or billboards, placards, scientific studies, harms to children, fit, loving parents, taxpayers, or society, nor are they at all phased by books, movies, documentaries, political hearings, votes, the laws of elected officials, or even the U.S. Constitution.

The terrible truth is that so long as it doesn't end their own lives in equal numbers, they have zero reason, incentive, or intention of returning us our children, restitution, or any protection or relief from what is now exposed.

Absolutely nothing will change but soap bubbles of hope, the relentless and irreplaceable passage of time and the faces and names of the victims. WE have to make it inescapably clear that if they insist on continuing this war on us, our children, homes, property, life savings, future earnings, and threatening our very lives, then they better be equally ready to die trying to take and keep them as we are to defend them to the death! We'll go right back to the peaceful, law abiding, hardworking, taxpaying citizens we were, right after we and our children obtain some relief from the intolerable "rabbit hole" of evil now exposed over and over again.

And if I didn't experience, witness, and document it into public record so it could not possibly be buried, denied, continued unabated, nor could any level of that pyramid now revealed say "oh, that shouldn't have happened, if only I/we had known we would have done something about that before it became a shooting war", then I never would have believed it myself, nor how really far the rabbit hole goes which is now uncovered and exposed waging war against us ALL. It is now my life goal to make it stop, and encourage others to do the same no matter the costs, risks, or threats, until it becomes inescapably clear that THEY wish to God we had our children not less than half the time, and our homes, mortgages, jobs, licenses, and protection from that intolerable cesspool of evil, greed, judicial corruption, profiteering cronyism, and multi-agency collusion now exposed.

Happy Father's Day to victims everywhere.

- Exposing Parents Lawyers Judges Who Alienate + The Corrupt Family Law Institution
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Happy Father's Day to all Dads! Fathers day 2016

Audience: Public
by A father
X The Canadian Family Dynamics - First comes the Children, Followed by the mothers, Followed by the Pets, Followed by the fleas, chinks and bedbugs. Followed by the crows and crowbates And then, &nbsp;if you are lucky, Followed by Ca... More >>
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Sunday, June 19, 2016
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