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March 29 2020

Asked by CA$ to sign a blank document and then fabricateing consent forms
Canada Court Watch audience: Public
As long as you keep singing court papers u are consenting to the process. Has anyone ev...
Financial gag unless my son comes up with over $100,000 to bring a motion to the courts
Not disclosed audience: Public
My son has been totally screwed by the family court, I have spent thousands on lawyers ...
Re: VIORICA LUNGU: I am not afraid to use my real name, because what I say is the truth.
Viorica Lungu audience: Public
Ligia Bumbescu is an imaginary name (person) clearly made up. These comments are made not ...
Freedom of Information Work with Advocate Chris Carter
Vincent Schiele Chris Carter audience: Authenticated Login and access Freedom of Information Work with Advocate Chris Carter
Response letter and return of money, requests letters and copy of Order PO 3539 12 Page...
Dads make sure your face is in the place. Dads play and important role in schools
50 50 Rights audience: Public
With school starting in many areas, how many Fathers or Mothers dont even know where th...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Here are two quotes by Justice J. deP. Wright
Miriam Justice J. deP. Wright
audience: Public

Parents could be deprived of their children simply upon paper filed with the court ...&...
Child support while receiving social assistance - Automated Page

audience: Public

Has anyone been ordered to pay child support while receiving social assistance.
Father Rights Canada / Father needs some support
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I am going through court with cas or social services and im feeling like my rights as a fa...
Re: MEP - Wages were being garnished over $3500 in errors on my Debtor Statement
Tracy Beattie
audience: Public

From what we have been told, any overpayment is considered a gift and you will not get it ...
Re: Fathers Day 2014 is everyday for an Alienated Parent looking for a lost child

audience: Public

This fit father has been alienated from his children and has not seen them for over fou...
Father Rights Canada -not aware of my rights, and she was threatening
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I'm wanting to buy my wife out of the house, but we have our house listed and a pending...
Theft Of Children Parental Alienation Done By CAS
Maureen Ann Fennelly
audience: Authenticated Login and access Theft Of Children Parental Alienation Done By CAS

Dear Advocates I am planning a protest for 5 days at queens park on Oct.28 to Nov.1.Thi...
November 16 2012 phone call child instructed to hang up
audience: Authenticated Login and access November 16 2012 phone call child instructed to hang up

"Well I got to go"  instructed to hang up by her mother.   Father does n...
Take our son from us loving parents right away without even offering kinship
Alison Spa
audience: Public

Child Family Services Review Board ( CFSRB) -in writing to CAS for things like reasons ...
Family Courts make their livings while innocent children are being trashed abused and neglected
Diana Little
audience: Public

Family does not mean perfect persons! Your family is your best resource, one or two of ...

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Freedom Sisters Supporting Voices of the North Sault Ste Marie

Saturday, May 7, 2016 - Information - Heather Dukes - Ontario

This is an educational invitation for those people who work in social service. It is in regards of domestic violence. It is clearly understood that men are horrible assaulted also. The simple most only reason this come from " freedom Sister's" is because the majority of domestic violent cases the victim are women. That is it and that is all!  Why does not the men creat a support group like we did and do something about it, like we are ? We know that abuse has no race nor gender... But we don't speak for others just ourselves... So Kenneth Reid why don't you start your grass roots organization and speak for yourself. Take on your own responsibility we not owning it... You don't need anyone to share it to you ! 

- Ontario
In reply of

VAWA Women in Crisis VICAS Freedom Sisters Supporting Voices of the North

Audience: Public
by Freedom Sisters
X I just wanted to pass this information forward to you.  A small grass root group of women that have survived domestic violence called " Freedom Sisters" is having a conference called " Supporting Voices of the North.  Pam Cross and speak... More >>
last update
Saturday, May 7, 2016
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