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Searching for my children

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He will abuse and rape my daughter like the way he raped me and abused me

Friday, September 18, 2015 - Pages - Anonymous

Twenty years ago in the year of 1995, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl and she was my life. Unfortunately- her father was very abusive man. One night when my daughter was couple of months old, her dad finally got to the final level in our relationship was killing me slowly. He strangled me and I nearly died that night. I was blacking out, and the white colour came slowly. All of sudden, my daughter woke up and was screaming & was crying hard. It spooked him and he let go of me. Black became colour again. I looked around and saw I was still alive. The father told me to get the baby now… I ran to her and grabbed her out of her crib. Held her so close to me, and promised her that I will go. At 4 am in the morning- a friend drove by the house, and I grabbed my baby. Grabbed bottle and my wallet in my shorts on a cold night, and got in the car. She and her boyfriend drove me to women’s Shelter- dropped us off there… I was finally free from him and went into hiding for almost a year. I was on run and went to stay with my mother then stayed with few friends to avoid him finding us. He was on hunt for me and I was always on move until one fateful night…

A month before her year old birthday- I was staying with a friend who rented her basement to me and my old friend which was my ex-boyfriend from school days. The person who rented basement to me soon became my worst nightmare. She was friends with my ex- the father to my baby and she reported us to him. They planned everything right up to the night that my daughter was taken away forever.. I ended up going with a friend for a dinner date which was 5 hours long- and I ended up wanting go back home to my little one. My baby was left in care of my old friend and he had his roommate s daughter to watch her for a bit while he goes out to get cigarettes from store up the street. The daughter was more than happy to watch my beautiful baby. While she was watching her, her mom which is the person who rented me out the basement called the daddy of my baby and told him that I abandoned her. The father came out to our friend’s house and called police on me. This all goes on while I was out on a dinner date for 5 hours. CAS came and took my little one away. My friend came back and saw police cars there. He was confused and went up to them. They did not ask him questions nor ask him who he was. They ignored him, and they were too busy dealing with cas and the daddy to my baby..

I came back to find her long gone and asked my friend what was going on.. He cried and cried- told me cas took her away.. Daddy was here for her.. I said what?!! The friend who rented out the basement to me kicked me out as soon as I got in the door… It was all so confusing and I never knew what went on. I packed my bag and left to live on streets. I had nowhere to go, I was on run for so long that I forgot a home to call my own home but I lived in fear of my ex-boyfriend who almost killed me was hunting us down…

I went to meeting with CAS and my mother in the room- they told me that they got information that I drank and partied, and was using drugs. They said that I left my daughter in basement with a plastic thing in her hand, and I never returned back ???? I had a babysitter and I returned to find her gone….. long gone……. I said I don’t drink or do drugs- I don’t party… Take my hair and my blood- it will prove to you that I don’t take any of those,, they refused!!!! I fought endlessly with them, and they refused to take my samples. I asked them to give my daughter back to me on what grounds? I told them that the father of my child isn’t stable and he abused me. They didn’t believe me and told me they will place my daughter with him because he is father to the child.. I begged them not to place my child with him because he will abuse and rape my daughter like the way he raped me and abused me… They didn’t listen….. They forced me to sign her up for adoption to prevent that from happening, and I refused for a while then gave in.. They said they will place my little girl with dad even though if I signed it … I was livid… I stormed out of the door and cried so hard… Left to seek for a lawyer, and got one..

She was the worst lawyer ever- she didn’t fight for me- she failed us and told me to sign the agreement between cas and the parents that the child remains to live with dad and that I have supervised access with her…

I had an apartment set up, and was in counselling. I had everything said to CAS s plan,and I did everything… The results haven’t changed… Nothing had changed… It was just same old story and nothing changed… The child remained to be in dad s care… Everytime I go over to get my kid- in order to see my kid according to dad – he have to have sex with me, and raped me everytime I said no..

I cried and cried then ended up on streets again... I stopped seeing my daughter for a month because of rapes I get from my ex – her dad… I saw poster on a wall one day saying BEAUTIFUL BC- I bought ticket at the next available travel agent and flew out west for two years.. Bought a ticket to return to see my daughter few months after living in BC. I stayed with a friend and went to visit my daughter – but the request was that I stay with him for two weeks… I stayed for two nights, and I got raped again. I was abused so badly that I booked a next flight back home to BC… I got home 5 days after all this eventful visit- I was in bad shape.. I decided to work and went to college there. I fought through my darkness and to get back to normal again. It was dark times… I moved back to Ontario after two years and decided to fight back. I went to court this time with money in my hand and got a lawyer. I got access to my daughter and continue to visit with her at supervised access centre then to a normal outing for a full day. Then a weekend came- we tried to work with dad to do house inspection, and he refused. We decided to continue the full day until we figure out what to do. We drove down there few times, and he never showed up at the same spot with my daughter. We called police and they couldn’t do anything since we don’t have his address. I called my lawyer and she said wait until she is 14..

We did wait until she was 14- but it was too late.. She was told all the lies about me and how unfit mother I was.. Saying that I threw her out of window, etc etc…. My daughter told me all about the lies that her dad and his family was filling in her head. I was shocked and told her it is not true.. I cried so many tears for so many years over her and to this day, I still do…

CAS killed us because I have no relationship with my daughter because she thinks I did not own up to my actions, which I did, but it was not my fault that I was on run to protect her and I… I loved her so much that I would do anything to hide from her daddy so I don’t want to be in dead body bag. My daughter and I to this day will always have rocky relationship.. She does not see me as her mom and she does not love me the way I love her.. I have learned to accept that and wanted CAS to pay the price for the damages they have done to her and I… CAS placed her with a terrible man who have mile long record of assaults and domestic violence relationships.. CAS placed her with a man who raped me for a living. CAS refused to take my samples to prove it in court that I am not a drinker or a drug addict. I fought and lawyer failed me. Law system failed me. CAS failed me.. They killed my daughter and I.. I want closure.. I want my files to be shared with my daughter and I want truth to be known… I want my daughter to know I love her to moon and beyond.. I still live in the moment of her sitting on my lap when she was baby- drinking her milk while I rock her to sleep. She was my everything and I love her so much… She was my girl.. my miracle and my love of life… CAS took all the memories we have away. I live with so little of memories with my daughter but so many bad ones with my ex and CAS…

I want CAS to pay the price… That’s all I want to see them pay the price for damage they have done to many families.. I know I am not alone, and I am still fighting to this day for my daughter to return to my arms. I still pray she will come home… She is 20 years old and I still pray she comes home to stay… I want justice to be done… Not fair to her and I that we lost 19 years of life together.

Put CAS to end… They don’t deserve to work for families. They hunt them like animals… We are dollar signs to them.

Thank you Jo...

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Friday, September 18, 2015
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