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July 01 2020

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Registered social worker and the college of social work chose to ignore the complaint

Thursday, July 2, 2015 - CAS - Trevor C Taylor - Katherine L van Amstel

To whom it may concern: We are writing to leave a description as the negative impact the the Family and Children's Aid Society of Lanark Leeds and Grenville have had on our home and on my twin boys. Also the protection they are being given by the Ministry.

The Society became hard core involved with our home in 2010 shortly after my father had passed away. 

They have used abuse of power, intimidation, blackmail, threats. They have even breach privacy on multiple occasions as well as tried to diagnose and recommend medications and state they need medical information to perform "Clinical Social Work". They are no registered Social Workers working my case file‎. 

With my file it was tampered with upon disclosure and was my roommates (his file is his ex-wifes file not his personally)‎. When my roommate requested all information CAS had on him. He received case notes that should have been in my disclosure and were not. He even received more recent case notes from my file. I requested my file July 7,2014 it was not received by my lawyer until the begining of May 2015 and that was expidited. Also in my file disclosure note that belonged in my roommates ex-wifes file were found in mine. 


The case notes are full of bias and malice not the neutrality that they are supposed to have according to the Child and Family Services Act. 

They attempt to discredit all information that doesn't fit with their "theories"  ‎even from reputable sources or they claim they don't have enough information. And as such the will make things up with no supporting evidence. 

They use back door tactics and lies to get what they want from judges when taking children and have certain judges they vi for as they ALWAYS side with the Society. They knowingly break the Child and Family Services Act, break court orders and try to get parents to committ purgery. 

The pick on lower income families that tend to have some form of disability. They use these disabilities to stay involved long past when they should‎. In our case they are trying using our physical disabilities (back injuries) and in my case my mental heath that I have always taken care of with the proper professionals and followed their advice to the letter. In my roommates case they are claiming his mental health is also a concern without reports or documention to even support he has mental health issues. 

The Society has been told over and over by my doctor that my mental health is a non issue and they get upset with her and adversarial with her when she states this to them. 

They will take things that have been dealt with through them and make them seem like they just happened yesterday when they happened months and in a lot of cases years ago.


They are claiming that my roommate is the reason they took my boys but he has lived here since 2010 and they have know that all along. 

They have been doing fraudulent investigations that are in leading to Society to more abuse to children, which a failure to properly protect and do their job correctly.

Also the Executive Director and the Directors under him support this behaviour.

In regards to the Ministry of Children and Youth. 


Since my boys taken we had been dealing with Darrell Dean in regards to our issues with the Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Family and Children's Society. 


They have taken the Society‎ at their word with no proof of investigation. They continuously claimed changes were being made but none were ever seen.  They have continually dismissed provable evidence when presented to them. 

They are refusing to accept any new complaints against the Society‎ even in regards to misconduct and illegal acts. They are also failing to act when Society worker impersonate Social Workers and Government employees which they are not they are only government funded.  

They also continually fail to up hold the Child and Family Services Act or hold workers accountable for not following it. It is as if they see themselves as being above the law. They also push matters on to the CFSRB which has no power over the Society and will not hear any cases that are before the courts. They are also refusing all forms of corrispondace be it in writing or other wise. 

When we began deal with Darrell Dean last summer he had stated he would take responsibility for and damage that was caused to them because of what the Society had done‎. When we were speaking to him this week which we did record he laughed it off and hung up the phone. 

We have tried contacting Minister MacCharles who also refuses to respond to any of our complaints. We have not even received a push off letter. She has also been refusing Section 110 requests and is allowing the Regional office to over rule and make her decisions for her.

I apologize that it is as long as it is since I had stated a breif description. At the same time I want to make sure you had all the pertenent information that you needed.

Please feel free to follow-up with me at your convenience. I can be reach at this email address and also by cell phone at 613-___-____.

Sincerly Katherine L van Amstel and

Trevor C Taylor

In reply of

Registered social worker and the college of social work chose to ignore the complaint

Audience: Public
by Trevor Taylor
X Children's Aid Society director of service Deborah Pope admitting to Children's Aid Society employees invading people's privacy rights with out a court order or signed consents&lrm; and she acts like it is common practice which shows how little ou... More >>
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Thursday, July 2, 2015
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Re: Registered social worker and the college of social work chose to ignore the complaint

Accountability | Shawn Sahadeo Voice Page created 2/29/2016 12:10:46 AM Audience: Public

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