Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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December 02 2020

You need to seek help and support for yourself.
Mom and Dad for Shared Parenting audience: Public
I never used the word liar? I never said you are damaging your child. you came to...
Powerful politicians and their depended judges disclosed before me why and how their legally murder unwanted witnesses
anonymous audience: Public
I made overview of your pages in fb, and want to tell you that you are doing a great jo...
Court Trial: Joshua Cabero, Leslie Nyznik and Sameer Kara 4 sexually assaulting female officer
Trevor Dunn audience: Public
In a last minute move by the defence, three Toronto Police officers accused of a gang s...
Needs to stop the incentives that makes the state so eager to destroy families - Brad Pitt Father Right Issues
Frey N EZ audience: Public
So looks like Brad Pitt is now going to be labeled a child abuser. We all know it's tru...
Bad people use CA$ to cause troubles for great parents
Nick Nenchev audience: Public
CA$ is above the law because nobody cares - fact. Only those who had dealings with the ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Re: Financial gag unless my son comes up with over $100,000 to bring a motion to the courts
Senbav Berth
audience: Public

I don’t know what some judges are there for but maintain their fat salaries. They...
Re: Father Rights Canada / mom not getting help with addiction what are my options
Todd Wright
audience: Public

Not likely Canadian courts are so one sided it’s amazing dads are allowed to even...
Re: Child support payment for her bills her vacations hair styles nails booze, etc.
Nick Chaffee
audience: Public

Ha I could write a book on how much shit i've had to go through. There is no rights for da...
Re: Father Rights Canada - my rights as a father in Manitoba
Laura McCulloch
audience: Public

There's next to no help for men in Manitoba. As a woman who raised a good man I have been ...
Barrie Ontario steroid freak cop savagely beat guy and then charged the poor victim for assault police favourite
Chris Carter
audience: Authenticated Login and access Barrie Ontario steroid freak cop savagely beat guy and then charged the poor victim for assault police favourite

1. also beginning with a Barrie case (i think) since 2009 people in criminal trials hav...
Uses their son as a pawn you have to step back in order to protect
Jason Ferrone Loveshisboys Brian D. Perrone
audience: Public

I choose not to fight anymore....I will not contribute to the further use of my childre...
Youre not my father and I never love you
The Fathers Rights Movement
audience: Public

It is inappropriate to program minor children against an absent parent, and it will com...
Provide your story for an upcoming book detailing short stories of your battle with a High Conflict Divorce
Roxx709 Reunite Nation
audience: Public

Sorry, all.   Have not gotten aorund to getting back to anyone yet.  ...
Father Rights Canada / I feel my ex is just enrolling my sons into classes just to keep the maintenance flowing.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Good day,  I`m looking for info on the guidelines about schooling. I`ve go...
Affidavit of Vincent Schiele March 13 2015
Family Court
audience: Authenticated Login and access Affidavit of Vincent Schiele March 13 2015

Served and filed March 13 2015 The circumstances regarding this ongoing Family Court ca...

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Making false allegations against a child parent makes you the real criminal

Sunday, May 17, 2015 - FamilyCourt - Francis Dean - Canadians for Family Law Reform

Not in Ontario or the rest of North America. It should be re-named False Allegation Court and theme it like a game show where all the "victims" and their "Need4Greed "attorney$ vie to tell the most B. S. in front of the corrupted , devoid of integrity (and apparently souls ) "Just-us " system players who then in turn REWARD the song & dance gong- show style act usually with absurd amounts of $$$ that YOU get to pay for like spousal support, mortgage and , F . R. O. / MEP / *Family responsibility office, Ministry Enforcement offices, payments , court costs ,that day's B.K. menu, etc; etc;

.then informs you that you get the runner-up "ZONK showcase of being financially ruined and +rextt to zero visitation with any children you shared and you get to move out of the "matrimonial home too and maybe even be homeless living in a cardboard box if that is what it takes to reward the criminal$ they way we do . .

Oh' , and since you no longer have a home to live, "in the best interests of the child " you will now be bumped down to ZERO ACCESS ." Perjury , contempt , False allegations has turned courts into a VERY lucrative INDUSTRY indeed with way too many piggies sticking an undeserving trotter ((look it up ) in that metaphoric cookie jar.

- Canadians for Family Law Reform
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Sunday, May 17, 2015
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