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January 31 2023

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The business of human trafficking of these children arrested and incarcerated
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The astounding similarity to what child welfare and ...

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Searching for my children

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Battling for access to her children mother faces prison if she continues exposing social workers on Facebook

Monday, May 11, 2015 - GagOrders - Injustice UK

Mother-of-three faces prison over fight for her son’s return: Woman told she will be jailed if she continues criticising social workers on Facebook

She criticise social workers who forced her son aged three into adoption Warned she faces prison if she continues to criticise social services on Facebook
A mother has been told she will be jailed if she continues to criticise social workers who forced her three-year-old son into adoption.

The woman was taken to Hull Family Court over posts she made on Facebook.

Judge John Dowse warned her she would face prison for contempt if she posted anything further about the case in the next five years.

The woman had her three children taken away by social services at North East Lincolnshire Council, 

She had her three children taken away by North East Lincolnshire social services after temporarily resuming a relationship with a violent partner who had been jailed for domestic abuse.

She later took out an order to stop his intimidation, but claims social workers had already earmarked her son for adoption, rejecting offers of help from relatives.

She said: ‘I understand the concern, but adoption is supposed to be the last option.’

The woman is also battling for access to her older children.

She added: ‘Because I haven’t played ball over the adoption they are trying to take every part of my life away.’

The authority says adoption decisions are made by the courts with ‘the welfare of the child the paramount consideration’.ents







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