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November 29 2020

Struggling to develop a close relationship with my daughter for close to a decade
Colin Wright audience: Public
I was informed of my child's existence in 2007, when she was nearly 5 years old. It was...
Missing Six Nations youth found safe late Tuesday night
audience: Authenticated Login and access Missing Six Nations youth found safe late Tuesday night
Six Nations Police have no idea why the department waited nine days after two youth wen...
Ontario Children's Aid Society anonym Dilico is abusing children daily
Robert Proulx audience: Public
My son had his hand and mouth duct tape and a shitty draper smear in his face and the C...
A nothing new phone conversation - Records
Vincent Schiele audience: Public
A nooooooo phone conversation, extreamly hard to have a normal one minuete phone conver...
Disengaged from my feelings of devastation and the loss of my little girls attention
Joseph Di Lella Daniella Di Lella audience: Authenticated Login and access Disengaged from my feelings of devastation and the loss of my little girls attention
Good Morning, Daniella Di Lella! Hope your second year in school will be a blas...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
A continuation of ignorance via the bias unjust failing Family Law Courts
Frank Simons
audience: Public

This is a video from a time ago what a ignorance of Canada's dysfunctional Family Law <...
If the judge finds that the evidence is inadmissible
Vernon Beck
audience: Public

In order to ensure that each party to a court case is given a fair trial, a judge striv...
Father Rights Canada / Help needed in bc

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I'm writing this on behalf of my boyfriend, it's his email address I provided you with ...
Re: Here is the Children s Aid Society at my door
Travis Gee
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The other upside of recording is that you know that if you want it to be usable in court, ...
Anyone read the MEP act that was updated this August? Absolutely brutal
Derrick Corr Scott Duplantie
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The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) collects court-ordered child support, spousal...
Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / Father given letter he owes more support
James Britz
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Know your rights. Remind her lawyer about whats at the bottom of her affidavits that she s...
Children's Aid of Ontario tactic Powerful as God: Withdrawal from proceedings no contact with ex
Vernon Beck
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My lawyer emailed me today, she wants me to settle with the&nbsp;Children's Aid Society...
Father Rights Canada / Are there any lawyers on here that can answer a question.
Not disclosed
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Are there any lawyers on here that can answer a question. My ex's lawyer played a door bel...
Abusive Mom will be handed children dad may end up in jail
audience: Public

We&rsquo;ve paid $20K since February, with an outstanding bill of $18K. Not sure how th...
re She feels that she can do this with no regard for our court order
Kay Hedstrom
audience: Public

If she has choice of residence and it hasn&rsquo;t placed restrictions then yes she can...

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ON Sault Ste Marie Algoma Society Mission Statement

Friday, March 13, 2015 - Accused - Algoma CAS Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada

We are one of 47 Children's Aid Societies in Ontario. Each Society is an independent, non-profit organization with a local Board of Directors. Funding for our core activities comes from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. We also count on the generosity of the public for donations for the other support programs and services we offer.

47 private Childrens Aid Corporations of Ontario are, without any oversight whatsoever by: Chris Carter
Category Child Protection
how does it make you feel to know that the 47 private CA$ corporations of ON are, without any oversight whatsoever, sharing information about your children and families but that, according to the 


Our Mission Statement
The purpose of the Children’s Aid Society is to protect the children of Algoma and promote their well-being in a manner that reflects community standards and the spirit of related legislation, while making the most efficient use of community and Society resources.

Time of capture  March/4/2015 


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Friday, March 13, 2015
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