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April 05 2020

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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A Group home in Kitchener Ontario where she had been abused the year before

Monday, December 8, 2014 - CAS - Jen Mcmurray - Lesley Summers - Foster and Biological Parents of Manitoba Fight Back

This is the video from nov 7th 2013 when they tried to remove my daughter who was turning 16 in 2 months: This is part 2 of the video taken on November 7th 2013 when London & Middlesex Children's Aid Society in Ontario Canada entered a London home with a warrant after lying to a judge to try & apprehend ____ who is 15 years old almost 16 years old against her will simply for choosing to come back & live in the safety of her moms home after being abused by her father. CAS wanted to send her back to a group home in Kitchener Ontario where she had been abused the year before & refused to follow the CFSA & The mandate & would not listen to the child the police even threatened the child.

The worker who ran this attempt was Lesley Summers & she had her live in girlfriend attempt the apprehension another worker who is Coby Veenendaal who was not even the worker involved in the file attend the home. This fay has been fighting for justice for years CAS won't give them a chance & 4 other children are suffering because of CAS these children deserve to be home with their mom!!

Click the image to review the video footage

This is 1 of many secert videos I have proving that CAS is lying about me & my family I hold many more videos & audio recordings of the damage these monsters have done to my children they need to come home now PLEASE HELP ME GET MY KIDS HOME NOW!!


This is the video from nov 6th 2013 an access visit proving I'm good to my kids & proving that what cas says happens in my access never happens I'm not threatening or abusive dispite that the video shows cas not caring that my 3 year old could have been molested that's somewhere just before the hour mark


This is the video of the kids speaking out Nov 9th 2013 CAS says that I made the kids say all these things


I'll find the letter proving CAS was going to leave my kids with me in 2012 then changed their minds a week later & took them I'll send it later


This is my video she turned 16 on February 3rd cas left her with me dispite the active warrent to take her long story short is ____ was not in my life until she was 13 years old her dad took off with her & I never got to raise her she came to live with me right after she turned 14 years old she was a train wreck when she came to me sex lying drugs alcohol bad friends refusing school ect...

I had her on track & doing great she was with me for 9 months then cas ripped the family apart illegally she spent 5 weeks in a group home that beat her & threatened her after 5 weeks the cas worker took her & my son who was 12 then & told the kids a bunch of lies about me & told them they would go back to Cornwall & see each other all the time they would be out of cas & cas would buy them anything they wanted they Xmas they just had to agree that I did things I didn't do my son stood firm that he would not lie about me & _____ did at 1st then the group home staff beat her so bad that night she almost ended up needing to go to emerge the next day she told lies about me that secured the other kids to stay in care & she got to leave & go back to her dad's once at her dad's she started trying to tell the truth but no one listened she finally contacted me she came back last year she told the truth & as soon as cas found out she was back with me they ran to the judge saying I kidnapped her & was holding her against her will

well that video don't look like she was with me against her will tge judge let her stay with me 2 more weeks so I could answer the protection application & when I did I got a judge that I dealt with the year before she ordered my kid into care but agreed no 1 could physically force her when I got home from court she had run away she later lied about me and my husband again 2 months later & her lies this time were easily proven but cas is still using them against me this kid is working as a hooker now she's on drugs and drinks alcohol every day and she's homeless that's thanks to CAS! That's ______s story!

- Foster and Biological Parents of Manitoba Fight Back
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Monday, December 8, 2014
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