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How fathes out maneuver big Attorneys court whores

Friday, July 18, 2014 - Activisim - Best Activist - Disgusted Dads

Big Attorney Advantage: It appears intuitively obvious. Big attorneys hired by ex-wives usually win against a smaller, weaker competitor. Their resources give them the ability to outlast and intimidate anyone pro se and win the test of knowledge and strength, such as a war of attrition (rubbing away or wearing down). A person with a big attorney and deep pockets can afford to invest in ways that others cannot and have the ability to sustain money battles longer than weaker competitors.

Three other advantages big attorneys hired by mothers with deep pockets have:
1. Wide margin for error
2. Global or national reach
3. And political power

Instead of giving further descriptions of one, two, and three, and detailing everything out about their advantages, let's move to a more positive note: Disadvantage

Obviously, having deep pockets and a big attorney is an advantage, however, it assumes that all court battles can be won or lost by using up the fathers resources that each father has been given at that time.

How to neutralize the advantage of the big attorney:


Superior resources can actually be an obstacle to success. By relying on "superior force" rather than strategic maneuverability and flexibility, the mother with deep pockets can sometimes lose her advantage over the father. Through dynamic maneuvering, a father can sometimes defeat a big attorney because it is actions and maneuverability that creates advantage. A father in the process of dynamic maneuvering can sometimes become his own big attorney. In addition, alliances can be built to add to the father's resources.

The First Dynamic Maneuverability Strategy: Make Them Back Up
Some big attorneys will admit they like to throw their weight around. And mothers use the law and their superior force (deep financial pockets) to drive fathers into poverty and seize their children; This is the very competitive force used by a predator. They (your ex-wife and her big attorney) can use more force than is needed to win, thereby overwhelming the father. And this can be difficult to prove. This is precisely how big attorneys can drive fathers out of the family and keep the spoils for themselves. But sometimes this concept can be not-so-good. To protect the gains won in court using this strategy, there must be barriers to keep fathers from returning to the court and entering back into war after the initial money war ends. Otherwise, the advantage the ex-wife and her attorney gain from the "costly" money war will sometimes be short-lived. The mother with deep pockets would have no time to recapture the losses from the first money war if reentry by the father is easy and swift.

The mother with deep pockets and a big attorney needs to begin building a wall to protect her gains and hold on to the stolen profit. And children. But, using deep pockets to initiate a money battle can make it more difficult for the mother to hit the "off-switch." A big attorney has other customers. And if the mother comes back asking for lower charges, and her attorney promises the mother lower charges later, the mother may become discouraged; sometimes leaving the big attorney and trying to find another lawyer expecting to discover other incentives to stay with the new hired attorney, and this idea is a-not-so-good one. This concept can sometimes repeat itself, lawyer after lawyer, getting further from securing the battle from reentry by the determined father.

A new attorney has to reenter the war with the same knowledge as the "old" attorney... A new attorney isn't able to do this.

One of the most challenging aspects of a big attorney is dealing with the fallout of public perceptions. No one likes a bully. Headlines- "Is he a good lawyer or is he a bad one?" Announcements like this can become highly inflammatory. Restructuring for a big attorney can become a horrible, horrible affair. Although a name can be cleared, the mess is still out there. The public may tend to side with the underdog, and the smaller, weaker parent (the father) who wishes to fight back has several options. The aggressive mother with deep pockets and her attorney are not immune from counterattack.

The Second Dynamic Strategy (in the United States) is to stun the aggressor using the courts and legislative bodies. The biggest opponents of aggressive attorneys and judges are the courts and legislative bodies. Filing a countersuit as a first response to a predator's strategy can sometimes discipline them (mothers with deep pockets) and keep them from fully using their deep pockets and big attorneys against fathers. If these lawsuits are effective, the mother and her attorney may be forced to "back up." But a mother with deep pockets will not sit idly by as the father files a lawsuit or seeks public support. The deep-pocket-mothers take measures to defend themselves against these lawsuits.

It is to be expected that fathers will file a suit against almost any aggressive move from a larger predator that involves or endangers their children. So these suits sometimes have little ground to stand on. Even when there are grounds for a suit, the mother may manage to escape.


A mother with deep pockets will seek to cause the father serious and long-term damage by attempting to bury the father in an avalanche of documents and an aggressive discovery process before going back to court. When the father is hit with boxes and boxes of paperwork, it may take years and thousands of dollars in legal fees to read, catalogue, and find the documents that incriminate the mother and her attorney. This can exhaust the resources of the father or at least delay the proceedings long enough for circumstances to change, allowing a favorable negotiated settlement. So the mother can sometimes successfully battle these challenges in court.

Government support is likely to go to the mother. If the mother can demonstrate the ability to meet the needs of the children, she can cut-off the father's efforts to be a parent and support his children; not money, real "support."
So, these mothers not only abuse the laws but they also benefit from the support of their own government through biased courts. However, these mothers do not support their own government; not by attempting to cut-off fathers from the lives of their own children. This is making fathers' rights groups rise up against the laws.

Fathers who choose to counter a lawsuit are able to reposition themselves. For example: The mother may successfully sue the father for custody to drive him out of the children's lives, but a father who uses a counter suit to lower child support introduces an instant process to cut into the mother's successful suit. Even though the mother can work around the suit, the father has introduced an inconvenience. This means that the mother may decide to continue to carry out the threat of action against the father using her deep pockets and her attorney forcing the father to resort to other tactics to counter the deep-pocketed predator. This is the strategy I will be posting next.

- Disgusted Dads
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How fathes out maneuver big Attorneys court whores

Accused | Lisamarie Ferrette Santagata Voice Page created 10/15/2014 2:57:12 PM Audience: Public

How fathes out maneuver big Attorneys court whores

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