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April 12 2021

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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Hello, I am wondering if any of you have dealt with a similar situation or have advice ...
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Habeas Corpus Nova Scotia Canada

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - Law - Cheryl Watson - Brenda Larson - Canada Court Watch

Habeas Corpus does apply to children who have been taken against their right to be with their family..Infant children... this is the Nova Scotia version

3 In all motions and proceedings on orders in the nature of habeas corpus where the care and custody of infant children are concerned, the judges of the Supreme Court shall deal therewith according to the principles of equitable jurisprudence. R.S., c. 253, s. 3.


Brenda Larson: I tried putting through a HC last year and was stopped by the prothonotary. She stated that the justice agreed with her that it shouldn't be allowed, even supplied a letter to that stating that the justice agreed with her decision, that there was already an ongoing case in family court. I was supplied with the letter, unsigned and the name at the bottom of the justice was misspelled. was funny at first though she said that I couldn't do a HC because it ws for criminals in jail. told her she was wrong. must be because I told her she was wrong that she wouldn't allow me to put it through.

Chris Carter: the experience you related above Brenda is a good example of how ridiculously expert everyday people have to become at litigating. they set the system up to allow the provincal "justice system participants" to get away with almost always denying access to justice esp. on the most incisive challenges...thereby forcing people to appeal to higher courts which requires incredible legal knowledge and ability.

I'm seeing the same thing in the FOI work i do. for sure i'm going to have to learn how to do "applications for judicial review" to challenge decisions (they call them Orders) from the Information and Privacy Commission which i don't agree with. brutal.

can you please post that letter from the clerk you wrote about to our Files section?

Brenda Larson: i sure will, and by the way,i was also told that I could not start another action, in any other court till my family court matter was done. which I know to also be incorrect. I am in the process of fighting them to gain access to the supreme court of nova scotia to make a claim as a woman for my property. The attorney general has stepped in and trying to have my claim dismissed either for no cause of action or abuse of the system. I guess the judge gets to pick which one he likes better.

Full pdf version source:

- Canada Court Watch
In reply of

Provincial Court of Justice is fundamentally fraudulent abusive manipulative and exploitative

Audience: Public
by Chris Carter
X For those who face false perhaps politically motivated arrests, detentions, charges, the Ontario court of justice bail hearings…here’s what is no doubt a very incomplete explanation of the Habeus Corpus system in CAN. ... More >>
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019
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Grounds for Habeas Corpus Relief US Supreme Court

Law | Pamela Ajoloko Voice Page created 11/30/2015 8:46:03 AM Audience: Public

Amanda Lauffer Voice I'm not gonna plea

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