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June 24 2022

Re FRO really needs to get their act together - Mom thinking of withdrawing from FRO
Jay M Cormier audience: Public
There you go again this lady is just using a child for money see everyone woman use bab...
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Im looking for a recommendation for a lawyer in the London area. Someone who...
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Omg! I love how at the end she tries to make it about her (the mother) ---- she tries t...
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Thank you all for the kind words. My boys and are doing good. My purpose for writing ...
Canadas child-support guidelines a scandal
Robert Franklin audience: Authenticated Login and access Canadas child-support guidelines a scandal
Sixteen years ago, the Attorney General of Canada (AGC) was negligent when he recommend...

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Searching for my children

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Laurie L. Nicholson
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I keep this in a private environment until you are OK to read this words
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I keep this in a private environment until you are OK to read this words, love you Papa...
Doc Link Affidavit of Hilary Alexis Quarrell Jan 09 2012

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Apparently Jody Wilson Raybould only represents the government interests
Vicky Topper
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Mike, you are right. I just clarify and share my knowledge after 11 proceedings of the ...

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VIORICA LUNGU: This is the real story and nobody can touch it, because I am protected by the Canadian Constitution

Friday, June 6, 2014 - AbusesToMothers - Viorica Lungu

Justice for Viorica Lungu to be Reunited with Her Children Considering that, in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. Convinced that the family, as the fundamental group of society and the natural environment for the growth and well-being of all its members and particularly children. Recognizing that the child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding, Bearing in mind that the need to extend particular care to the child has been stated in the Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child of 1924 and in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by the General Assembly on 20 November 1959 and recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (in particular in articles 23 and 24), in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (in particular in article 10) and in the statutes and relevant instruments of specialized agencies and international organizations concerned with the welfare of children, Without Prejudice The children in this country are commodities and the Canadian government sees them as dollars figures. The Government pays social workers make it a habit to place children in the hands of the abuser because they know the protecting parents will not stop fighting and that generates huge dollars in Federal transfer payments to the Provinces. My ex refuses to let me see my children on Easter, Christmas, New Years Eve, their Birthdays and Mother's Day and refuses to take the presents (clothes) I gave my children on their Birthdays, and now the father is coaching them to only pick a few things that they like the most and when I see them twice a month for only 2 hours, they are not allowed to even wear the clothes that I gave them. I am not allowed to video tape my children to keep the memories for later in life, and the father does not even allow me to take pictures of my children. For the past 5 years I have been not allowed to call my children and they are not allowed to call me either! I am not allowed to go to their school and they are not allowed to come to my home and eat Romanian food!!! My ex gets away with everything for the past 7 years, because he has Mr. Justice Masuhara on his side. Recently my 11 years old daughter has confessed to her mother whom she trusts the most that all the children in her class are bullying her about where about her mother is? Why she does not have a mother and many other derogatory words that are hurting my child and I feel my daughter is in danger for being bullied and the father was not even aware about it, nor the Principle or her teachers! This means that my children are afraid to tell anybody, inclusive their father and the judge who is seized is purposely avoiding and refusing for the past 5 years to send my children to be assessed by a neutral Psychologist at Children’s Hospital. I have been always an involved mother and I want my children to be safe. I have been supervised for the past 5 years and I have to pay $75 for two hours each time in order to see my children in Canada! I have financial difficulties to pay each time $75 for the 2 hours of supervised access as Justice Masuhara did not award me half of our matrimonial home. Mr. Justice Masuhara is bias, discriminating, and not-impartial to our custody case and is mocking me in court all the time. I don't understand why my newspaper Province that had evidence of my ex husband it was kept by force in court by Mr. Justice Masuhara for the past 6 years, specifically since 2007, without being used as an exhibit, and after many requests it was just given back to me on March 2013. I want to know why Mr. Justice Masuhara who claims to remain seized for the best interest of the children, keeps them as far as possible from their mother for 5 years. My children were prohibited to speak in Romanian language for the past 5 years and are prohibited to follow with their Romanian Community including our Romanian Orthodox Church where they were baptized. Their half heritage is diminished, Human Rights abused and wiped away from everything that is called Romanian. Everybody's practicing their mother's tongue language in Canada as it is a multicultural place, except my own children who were prohibited and threatened abruptly by the social workers to cancel the visit with their mother if they were to talk in Romanian language with her! I was slandered by Mr. Justice Masuhara who falsely stated that I have admitted to want Mr J destroyed, my father was also slandered who has never opened his mouth in Court, and my mother has only said that Mr. J has destroyed all of us. Mr. Justice Masuhara seems to work for the best interest of my ex, because everything that my EX has asked in Court, Mr. Justice Masuhara has given to him without hesitation. My EX wants to be the only parent as in his opinion our children do not need to have a mother so the very small memories that we have together will disappear. In his cross examination my EX stated in court that he has never had a family in his life and now for the first time he has family and he is not going to give his “kids to HER” . By the way in his opinion I am HER, not their mother. Is that in the best interest of the children? For the past 5 years since my EX was in charge with sole custody awarded by Mr. Justice Masuhara, he couldn't care less to send our children to any extra curriculum activities, such as piano lessons, gymnastics, hockey, soccer, ballet, dancing etc, but my EX was protected by Mr. Justice Masuhara to keep the house, not the best interest of our children to progress in their life.. I want my Human Rights as a mother to be recognized and protected! My name is Viorica Lungu from Vancouver, BC and I want to let everybody know that my children have been illegally apprehended by the so called "System" of Social workers in Canada. At that time, my children were almost 4 and 7 years old. Five years have elapsed ever since. I am forbidden to talk to my daughters on the phone and my children are not allowed to call me either. I am not allowed to even see my daughters but only twice a month for two hours and only under strict supervision and strict monitoring of the conversation and I pay each time $75. I am a mother and I don't know if my children are healthy, if they are properly dressed for the winter, and everything else any mother should know about her children. I am not allowed to go to their school to find out first hand, how they are doing. One might think that I am some monstrous mother whose kids are in danger when around me. The absurdity of the situation is that all these are happening under the circumstances in which even the social workers reported that “it is NOT a case of child protection”, that I am an “excellent mother” and that both children and myself as a mother, have a normal love and tenderness towards each other. The same position had even the Judge in the Supreme Court of BC. Here is my story. In 2005 my EX husband and I decided to divorce. We have two beautiful daughters and my ex-husband and I had joint custody while the girls would live with me. I raised and took very good care of them until they reached almost 7 and respectively 4 years old. They were healthy and happy with me and nothing bad ever happened to them while in my care. On March 24, 2009, I drove as usual far enough from my place where I live to Maple Ridge, BC, for the father to have the usual visitation with our children for 3 hours in the office of social worker's, thinking and believing they will be safe. After one hour, one of the social workers called to inform me that my children had been removed from me as of that very moment. This was happening without even a court order! The father lied that I coached and alienated my children against him. However, nobody seemed to care that, each time my children came back from their father, they were upset and crying, on several occasions, the father twisted my older daughter's wrist, shook her vigorously in the parking lot, yelled at them, scared them, etc. And this was something happening on regular basis. Instead of looking seriously and unbiased into this situation for the best interest of the children, the social workers simply decided to remove my children from me and give them directly to their father without warning me or trying, at least, to make it easier on the children – as if they were nothing else but some lifeless objects. This is close related with Mr. Justice Masuhara threat on his Judgment dated August 2007, Paragraph 48 where he threatened me: ““In response to the concerns raised by the Plaintiff (My EX) as to the actions that may be taken by Ms Lungu to thwart the development of a healthy relationship between the girls and their father, both counsel agreed that the concerns raised could be reduced if I remain seized of this matter. It is necessary to state for the benefit of Ms Lungu that if evidence is presented in the future that demonstrates she is thwarting the ability of Mr. J. to participate in the parenting of the children: all of other things remaining the same; I will not feel constrained in altering the custodial arrangement for the children in favour of Mr. J. Accordingly I will remain seized of this matter insofar as it relates to guardianship , custody and access to the children””. Wow, as if I wanted to do another trial with the same judge that has already threatened me 2 years before they illegally apprehended my children! At the time, I asked the social worker, Maria Miem Swart, on what grounds that decision had been taken, why she or other representatives from the Ministry did not come to my place at least once to investigate and see how happy my children were with me, before illegally apprehending them. She said: "There was no need to go to your place, Viorica - we know you are an excellent mother"! So why did you steal my children from me if I am an excellent mother? She said: "Because you don't get along with the father” and that is why the children are “emotionally harmed”. That was the strangest thing I could have ever heard – well, but the father does not get along with me either! So the real problem was actually, what was the difference between me and him as parents who did not get along and reached a consensual divorce? Moreover, before the illegal apprehension, the father already knew about it one month prior as (February 25, 2009) my daughters have actually been removed from the place I have left them to have a visitation with their father for 3 hours, while I had no idea about being set up by this organized corrupt system to have my children stolen on March 24, 2009. Nobody bothered to let me know what was going on. Was my EX manipulating the social workers behind my back? A year later (2010), the social workers said in their report that “alienation is not part of their removal Act, but, in this case, they were doing it anyway because of the high conflict between the parents”! Social worker Diane Keegan in her cross examination at the Supreme Court testified that “if the mother will be awarded with sole custody, we will keep her in supervised access until the children will be 18, and if the father will be awarded with sole custody, we will drop the case against the mother at the Provincial court”, which they did on April 26, 2010. So, again, was my EX manipulating the social workers behind my back? Why all this turmoil and hysteria? Also, since that time, the social workers and Judge Masuhara have refused to send my children to see a neutral Psychologist at the Children's Hospital. I asked for this because I believed and still believe that they are the ones who have emotionally harmed my children - with their unfair, inhuman and sudden action of separating them from their mother, without any solid ground. They refused to give us the section 15 for a Psychologist to assess all of us including our children, because their strategy was to keep the children as far as possible from their mother and that would have collided with the continuous request of my children to go back to their mother. The social workers and Mr. Justice Masuhara refused to do that, because no matter what, they just wanted to help the father with custody, despite our children desire insistently asking to go back to their mother, they were ignored totally. Social workers put a restriction on mother to never say or suggest that she wants her children back, leaving my children to believe and falsely imagine as one of my daughters stated to her counsellor from Act 2 that: “mommy has banished me from her heart”. The whole idea for social workers was to hurt my children emotionally leaving them without answers as they were abruptly forced to live with their father. When one of my daughters asked the social worker Maria Miem Swart looking straight into her eyes: “Have you ever lived without your mommy; do you know how hard is to live without your mommy; when are we going back to our mommy”? Social worker answer was: “Honey, this conversation is not for the children to decide, this situation is for the adults to decide“` I was so proud of my daughter and I told her she is way smarter than these adults whose decisions are wrong. I was asking myself who are these social workers in Canada, they do not belong to the Social Workers Association and they seem to lead the whole country to destroy the families and children. I am of Romanian descent and my ex-husband is Canadian born. All the depositions submitted on behalf of Romanians who knew me very well, including the Priest’s have not been properly considered and have been downplayed by Honourable Mr Justice D. M. Masuhara. He stated that “their observations are made in the context of church services and events” fact that was not accurate, and also that they did not know all the issues around me and my ex-husband. I do not think that a witness is supposed to know it all about the person’s in question. The main issue at that time was if I was a good mother to my children? Bottom line that was what counted and still counts, nothing else! This is not a case of criminal activities, etc. – it is just a messy custody fight. Among the witnesses, there were a number of friends and people who testified that knew me for long time and saw me outside the church and who did not talk at all from church perspective either, but they were purposely ignored also. I have been accused of harming my children emotionally because, speaking Romanian to my children meant, necessarily, discrediting their father, according to the social worker’s assumptions as they stated: “We were assuming when the mother talks to her children in Romanian, she must coach them against their father”! Moreover, the Ministry’s employees refused to bring us a Romanian translator or interpreter for themselves in order to understand exactly what I was talking to my children– they preferred to act in base of assumptions and…it worked to discriminate us, without consequences to them, because they represent the government and they are protected to do whatever they wish. My children are kept away from everything that is called Romanian under the pretext that all that is Romanian brings about “emotional harm” to the children. The father complained so, and the Social Services adopted an attitude accordingly. In base of this experience, I and everybody else have to understand that, in a mixed marriage between a Canadian and other ethnical party, be it Asian, Sikh, Russian, Italian, etc., having the child exposed to the other spouse ethnic culture and language means or causes emotional harm ….Very strange! My children were for the past 5 years and presently, are still prohibited to go to the Romanian Orthodox Church, and through this decision, once again, the honour, values and standards of a whole decent and hard-working community is trivialized and diminished. On the other hand, I believe that this is a means of psychological pressure over my children used by their father and blind authorities to have my daughters forget about me as their mother, about what is Romanian in them, to despise that part in themselves and to suppress it. How would you feel? How would you call this? If I am to turn the tables and think like their father did and social workers and Judge Masuhara did, then WHO can tell me that I am NOT put down in front of my children when I am not with them – meaning, actually, most of the time? Who has been there in the past 5 years to supervise the father in order to protect the children when he talked bad and brain-washed them against their mother? In base of the precedent created, I am entitled to think that what I was suspected of and forbidden to in base of the social worker’s assumptions and hearsay, now it is done onto me. Where is the logic about it? Then, how is the father better than me and what did the system encourage, either than discrimination against the mother? In other words we could also summarize the core of the situation like this: “what I (father and those allowing this happening) am allowed, you (that is myself) are not” I am not an alcoholic, I am not a drug-addict, I have never been put in prison or charged with any wrongdoing, I have never left my children alone, I have never ever emotionally or physically harmed my children. Then, what am I? I am a woman, I am not of Canadian descent, but Canadian citizen for a long time, I dared to disagree with what was going on including the procedure of the system – so, here I am treated as a second class citizen who can be thrown together with my children, from one corner to another, from one “master” to another, together or separated from my own children as others please. I must be supervised like a criminal when talking to my children in order to protect the father. Everything I say or said had and has to be interpreted and trivialized by some officials and/or their father who knows to manipulate the system. As a parent and person, I was humiliated, challenged, outraged, tripped all over, and stripped out of any personality. One of the social workers mentioned in her report that it was weird that I kept my daughter on my lap during my two-hours visit. Even that was strange for them! In a tentative to discourage me, another one who was a team leader, Mrs Maria Miem Swart, dared asking me by slandering me, how did I pay for my lawyer, “did you sell yourself?”…When I draw the attention in Court about this she apologized saying that was her odd way of “joking” and Judge Masuhara quickly accepted it accordingly and that was it, no consequences for her slander and emotionally harming me! It was all covered up. I want to get my children back as soon as possible. No child in this world should go through such traumatizing situations. My children, they really knew what love meant being close to their mother and their grandparents. What are my very young daughters thinking when they are not allowed to see their mother on daily bases? They can see other children with their mothers but my beloved daughters are not allowed to be with their mom in the name of some weird “children’s interest and welfare”.
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Friday, June 6, 2014
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